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AMA Art Museum of the Americas to Showcase Reggae Posters in Washington D.C.

Our third major exhibition will be co-hosted by the AMA Art Museum of the Americas and the Jamaica Mission to the Organization of American States (OAS).  It showcases 24 beautiful posters from around the world.  The exhibition will be held in the Marcus Garvey Hall at the headquarters of  the OAS in Washington D.C. It will run from May 19th through the 31st and admission is free. His Excellency Stephen Vasciannie, Ambassador of Jamaica to the US and head of the Permanent Mission of Jamaica to the OAS; Professor Carolyn Cooper of the University of the West Indies; and Michael Thompson and Maria Papaefstathou, founders of the contest, will speak at the opening.
For further information and details of the exhibition, contact :
Andrés Navia: anavia@oas.orgMuseum of the Americas;  or
Julia Hyatt:  juliaehyatt@gmail.comMinister/Alternate RepresentativePermanent Mission of Jamaica to the OAS.


AMA’s mission statement:
AMA’s work is based on the principle that the arts are transformative for individuals and communities.  This belief simultaneously serves to promote the core values of the Organization of American States (OAS) by providing a space for cultural expression, creativity, dialogue and learning, highlighting themes such as democracy, development, human rights, justice, freedom of expression, and innovation.  AMA’s work advances the inter-American agenda, drawing on the arts to showcase a constructive vision of the future of the region via local and hemispheric cultural exchange.  This is achieved by showcasing cutting-edge exhibits of artists whose output creatively combine artistic craftsmanship with topical social and political issues and by establishing a dialogue of these works with AMA’s permanent collection.

OAS mission statement:
The Organization of American States (OAS) brings together the countries of the Western Hemisphere to advance common interests such as democracy, good governance, human rights, peace and security, and address the complex problems caused by poverty, drugs and corruption. Through decisions made by its political bodies and programs carried out by its General Secretariat, the OAS promotes greater inter-American cooperation and understanding.