2015 winners

Reggae is a Mission | Angel de la Mata Cabrera – Spain
Reggae music is a mission, reggae music is not a competition; reggae music is the voice of freedom, reggae music is the healing of the slaving souls; reggae music is culture, reggae music is life ...
Sound is carried from childhood | Carlos Andrade – Venezuela
Children also have their corner in the world of reggae, as it is in these very early age where their influence over all the stimuli they receive, and if from very small start listening reggae, education will be on track.
Reggae | Carlos Cunha – Portugal
United by Reggae | Carolina Jocelyne Gutierrez Aguilar – Mexico
The significance of this cartel is that reggae can unite people for a feeling, an emotion, being music.
Today | Christina Scheer – Germany
"The song ""Today"" by Ziggy Marley is more relevant than ever. This handlettering is created in the typical reggae colors and a slight change in one section of the song. The part ""put down your weapons of war today, let's just love"" is an important message I want emphasis. A hand is holding a weapon and instead of shooting a mortally cartridge, love will be transported outwards."
The Guitar Reggae Sound | Domingos Sérgio Marques Silva – Portugal
"Domingos Marques da Silva was born on 27th January 1980 in Braga, Portugal. He attended the High School of Tadim. He was a Disc Jockey at the Academic Students Bar of the University of Minho and in other bars in the city of Braga and Porto since 1998. He participated in the project ""E Street” sponsored by the Professional School Esprominho, aiming to publicize and help to promote the traditional trade. He lived in St. Dennis, in Paris, France for three years, between 2006 and 2009 to be trained in the construction and public works. He participated in several performances, as Disk Jockey in Portuguese clubs located in Paris. He was invited to introduce his music project at the Disco ""Mikadu"" in Paris. He is being held in the Prison of Braga since July 2015 and will be released in April 2016. The design of this poster reveals an iconographic and metaphorical component of the creative universe. Subtly explores some paradoxes of the human condition through complex narrative mechanisms, providing the tools to design and images, deconstructing them, through a plastic language with strong visual impact, looking for possible limits to the graphic design strength."
Reggaephoria | Evelina Korkmaz – Bulgaria
When it comes to reggae music, you are already involved from the positive emotions and every muscle start move under the rhythm.
In love with reggie rhythm | Evgeniya Kapel – Russia
The poster symbolise lovely reggie rhythm and sound.
The Scratcher | Frida Kritikou – Greece
A poster about the jamaican magician of dub music, Lee Scratch Perry and his extraordinary boots. I used ink marker for the design and I colored it using Adobe Photoshop.
Alphaboys | Jacek Tofil – Poland
Let the new musicians create new music. Alpha Boys School in Kingston has produced some of the finest musicians to come out of Jamiaca. It's them I dedicate this poster.
Regi | Joshua Hibbert – United Kingdom
"This poster was developed by exploring the meanings and origin of the word Reggae. I wanted to create a poster that reflected history in a contemporary fresh manner. The poster words 'Regi' are shaped in a king's crown, this word Regi is the original term which was used to describe the Reggae sound meaning music for the king . I wanted to accentuate this meaning but visualise it in a simple easy way, which felt old, meaningful and precious."
Heart Beats | Kimone Cotterell – Jamaica
This poster is a depiction of love being transported through dancehall and the sound system. Dancehall is popular for bringing people together in the streets of Jamaica.
Ska Note | Laze Tripkov – Republic of Macedonia
Graphic symbiosis of a note and reggae ska fan, with characteristic movement of the head, giving a simple icon a visualization of a joy, happiness, music pleasure...
Lose Yourself | Lisa Bradbury – Australia
My illustration for this poster encapsulates the mood of the more peaceful genres of reggae.
Lion’s Sword | Luis Cardenas – Chile
The sword means the fights through words. The lion is the icon of reggae movement. So I tried to mix then in order to show the fights through words.
Two Tone Beyond! | Sean Driscoll – United Kingdom
A tribute, to how the Jamaican movement of Reggae took 'one step beyond' the pond to influence and mould the outlandish phenomena that is Ska. Some say the flying saxophone Lee Thompson (Madness) is still flying to this day. You don't have to be mad, but it helps...
Inspiration | Shangning Wang – China
For me, Reggae music is like inspiration. I sketched Bob Marley who I admire a lot. I started with hand-made drawing, then moved to software. This poster shows the connections between my works and Bob's songs. Through drawing and analysising myself, I could have the context to review my experience. Then, the line drawing will reflect my nature of my heart, and the mood of the music.
Written in the stars | Tolga Erkan – Turkey
Your name is written in the stars. A million miles away. A message to the main. Seasons come and go but I will never change. And I'm on my way. I am still missing but I haven't met you.
P E A C E (…like a lion) | Etienne Delalande – France
"Inspired by Reggae and the huge symbols of respect, love and peace, it carries. And which we severely need. The lion for the look ! Didn't Bob Marley look like a lion ? 😉 Well I don't really bring anything new here, the lion already is a symbol to the Reggae universe. A Lion king as a Reggae master, physical and spiritual master key to the balance and harmony of their environment. Ruling the place sometimes, for the best ! So a rastafarai, with lion hair looked quite ugly in my mind, while the rasta lion had potential. I feel like it was worth it 🙂 I added the little ""peace and love"" jewel and the word ""peace"". Because WE NEED PEACE (and love) !!"
Taking Control | Rafael Augusto Homor – Brazil
I wanted to express the exact moment the music begins to take control of our spirit, filling all the spaces of our body, creating a new universe.
100 | The Lion Roars | Elihu Duayer – Brazil
I work with collage, photos and graphic computer technique.
084 | Ready to Zion | Rangel Malta – Brazil
Valuing ancestry and religiousness is always important in the quest for better days . The roots culture with all its meaning, a strong and inspiring symbol . The kings of kings. Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah ! With this blessing our ways and the sound of Gold Dub we in search of peace and love for all brother. Faith nourishes life ! Always positive . Mix of manual features and digital collage , calligraphy and watercolor
099 | Reggae the world with love | Igor Popov – Ukraine
Having made this poster I wanted to explain roots reggae music through visual methods. It shows in simple graphic elements like a paint which an average person could have spilled on a city wall trying to show his vision of love, freedom and peace. The moto turns the name of a music genre into a verb which encourages everyone to reach a world understanding with help of reggae music.
063 | Reggae is everything | Alexandra Karpova – Ukraine
Music exists in parallel with us, and around us, it arises from the space and dissolved in it. Music is a life, it in every sound, in every breath, in every rustle.
098 | Reggae | Mikolaj Suchan – Poland
I made my poster traditional way, like my others works - acrylic on canvas. For 15 years i was professional photojournalist and made thousands of digital photos weekly. You know why i prefer "unplugged" art.
087 | Heart | Kaja Klesta – Poland
Reggae music is music from heart.
045 | Lion of Judah | Piotr Depta – Poland
026 | Reggae on the palm tree | Monika Sojka – Poland
I decided to use a lot of things which could be Jamaica and reggae music symbols. I wanted to connect them together, so the effect is an exotic tree, on which are instruments, animals, people and other signs of the culture of Jamaica. The tree is also on the island on the water. I wanted to make my poster in a light, entertaining way.
020 | Capleton | Jacek Tofil – Poland
Portrait of ‪Legendary Reggae icon. Capleton‬ is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist. You can not write about the recent history of Jamaican music without mentioning Capleton, a star of Jamaican new roots from the 90’s, intrinsically linked to dancehall.
097 | Weed Dem | Batholomio Simbarashe Chikunda – Zimbabwe
The concept behind the design is expression of freedom. Freedom to be oneself. On the design, is a face of the younger Peter Tosh smoking weed, looking calm and cool. His expression depicts a certain comfort that I feel every time I listen to Reggae Music. The face has lines that represent “Roots.” Behind the face, is the Rastafarian Star (The Star of David).
096 | Around The World | karan Maharshi – India
Poster title is "Around the World" and as per design I am trying to show that people have music in their soul. A boy is playing with vinyl record as hoop toy. Boy is spreading great music with love and happiness around the World. Background filed with three colors and nature. This poster created in Photoshop cs6 for print.
028 | Reggae Basics | Nitin Sharma – India
The poster has a newly grown plant from a seed. This acts as a metaphor, depicting the birth of Reggae. This also shows one's freedom through music.
095 | The Alpha Riddim | Leonardo Santacruz – Colombia
The poster shows all the instruments used in the reggae music, it represents, also, how the group of instruments function when it is playing a song. The waves represent visually the rhythm "riddim", as called by jamaicans; however taking the reggae and rastafari most representative colors (green, yellow, reggae) and the people as represented with a ethnic color (black).
En este poster quería destacar como el reggae tiene los diferentes subgeneros que se desprenden de el, la forma que se integra con el pelo de la mujer afrodescendiente muestra el origen de esta música (Africa) y se
015 | Lion Note | Neiber Marín – Colombia
This is a poster that shows a connection between reggae beliefs and the music. The symbol is a musical note and the Lion of Judah, serving reggae life. This is an abstract option to show the meaning of reggae.
094 | Lee Scratch Perry | Ivan Misic – Serbia
This is the first part of a series of posters - Reggae/Dub, dedicates to reggae-dub musician Lee "Scratch" Perry.
093 | The Art Of Reggae | Bradley Stewart – United Kingdom
A poster that uses themes of texture and rough printing to relay the rhythm of reggae music.
068 | Plug It In | Hamish Blair – United Kingdom
This poster is a bit of an experiment, I wanted to combine a number of different elements to create an overall effect. For me speakers and dub culture are an important thing, so I thought it would be cool to try and put it in a contemporary style poster.
029 | The Abyssinians | Jules Mann – United Kingdom
A tribute to the classic Roots Reggae vocal trio, The Abyssinians and their iconic Roots anthem, Satta Massagana.
009 | Lovers Rock 1 | Daniel Edwards – United Kingdom
My poster is based on the reggae genre lovers rock which was a sound born from reggae developed in England in the 70s & 80s created by 1st generation caribbean. The design is a simple & bold play of the words "lovers rock" and is to raise awareness of this great sound which will hopefully become a more recognised genre.
092 | Love Reggae | Mingliang Li – China
Beating heart, passion music is life, music is more than
053 | Plug in your heart | Ho Wai Man – China
Music can touch people's hearts, to give people a positive force. It can give the power of our life.
050 | Butterfly Effect | Xiaoming Zhang – China
In the butterfly group formed guitar graphics, to reflect the butterfly effect of reggae music.
017 | Freedom| Yang Bo – China
reggae can give us freedom
007 | Reggae love | Huan Wen – China
This Design is inspired by the symmetrical rhythmic pattern of Raggae music provides. I created a symmetrical character which is also an illustration of Raggae style poker card. I believe this is a strong way to visually attract people to get to know more about this culture.
003 | Reggae Music | Li Wei – China
Reggae was and will always be the music of the “I,” the “I” of “I am here.”
091 | Turn on the light | Aleksander Baldakou – Belarus
Reggae - is a music, that makes the colors more vivid and bright. The music is like a light, that illuminates our lives, that ignites our hearts, and the sound of the music, simple and clear, dissolve our problems.
090 | Come do Rocksteady | Cecilia Campironi – Italy
In my poster I represented the moment when the DJ rests the needle on the vinyl, introducing the track that is going to play. At that specific moment, you can hear the classic sound of vinyl , with its clicks, pops and hiss and then the beginning of the song . The chune that I have chosen is the symbol of the birth of rocksteady, of which I am particularly fond. Furthermore Alton Ellis is one of my favorite artists. So, get ready and let's do rocksteady!
048 | Reggae Sound System Friday Night | Marzia Grossi – Italy
When I was a girl, I went in those places called, I dont'know the exact traslation, community centers where the people did political/cultural activities and debates, often placed organised in squat community in old buildings where, in every case, it was possible to watch the concerts or dj set live. My first impressions of those places, were fear, curiosity, shyness because I met a reality made of artistes, musicians, squatters and people politically envolved.The common denominator was the freedom of thought, of word, of expression and in those places I met and I loved those kind of musica making part of my favourite playlist. Alternative rock, punk, eletronic, ska and reggae, this last genre of music that I appreciated through Bob Marley and the Wailers, Peter Tosh, Penny Dawn until to recent heritage collected by Lauryn Hill and Ben Harper. Every friday I was at new concert or a dj set, often a mix eletronical made of drums and bass recalling the reggae rythm produced by giants loudspeaker. Duke Vin, promoter of sound system in 60's in England, said "My music make me happy. A soundman must play for the people. I know what they want and I go and play it. Play for the people: they will keep you going." Aside from an euphoria made of drinks and join, I saw the people danced in a vibrant dance, talk and laugh hearing simply the music, everyone with a common need: to have fun.
089 |Creating the reggae of tomorrow | Rakel “Goodféith” – Spain
My poster was inspired by all of our children in the world who have little money to do something that excites them and moves, music.
086 | Jah 9 | Alejandro Adrian – Spain
Tribute to Jah 9 like a present and future reggae celebrity
088 | DUB | Simone Berrini – Denmark
DUB, free hand drawing, ink on cardboard. digital colour. The artwork is an unpublished drawing specifically designed for the IRP contest 2015. I used the same style to create the albums design for the italian reggae band Hierbamala (HicSuntLeones,2013). The artwork talk about the inner self , and can be read as an illustration of a full world inside ourself during the meditation, when there's deep dub vibes in the air.
070 | Mount Zion | Simone Berrini – Denmark
MOUNT ZION, free hand drawing, ink on cardboard. digital colour. This poster is dedicated to the mount Zion, in this case I incorporate in a unique shape different elements related to the subject, for example the Rastaman face in the centre, the gates, the villages perched on the mount. On the top the King Lion govern and protects everything. The artwork is an unpublished drawing specifically designed for the IRP contest 2015.
085 | Bob Marley Poet & Prophet | Colleen Yessman – United States
This is a portrait of Bob Marley composed solely of the words Marley, Poet and Prophet. I was inspired by the line in the Red Hot Chili Pepper's song "Give It Away" -- "Bob Marley poet and a prophet".
081 | REGGAE 24.7.365 | Ramon Leon – United States
It would be a better World if we REGGAE 24.7.365!
067 | The Face Behind the Words | Linus Biederman – United States
For this piece I used solely photoshop, I chose the quote because it speaks to me a truth about music and about the power of music. Bob's face is inserted into the text as it is his words and he embodies much of what Reggae music is.
065 | The Colors in the Message | Linus Biederman – United States
I drew the letters of this piece by hand, I selected lyrics and quotes from Reggae that I found communicated uplifting messages. The pattern is that of waves, to reflect the ebb and flow of life and that happiness and sadness that Reggae speaks too. The colors were added after using Illustrator.
047 | Playing with Florentine Flowers | Linus Biederman – United States
For this piece I formed the word Reggae by using flower pedals found around Florence. I staged the flowers on a large stone backdrop that resembles a play button. After taking a picture of the piece I worked with the colors slightly in photoshop, reducing the saturation of the surrounding grass and flowers to give Reggae and the flowers more vibrance and life.
044 | One Love | Eric Boelts – United States
One love is the core of Reggae to me and the essence of how music binds us all.
006 | Rasta Lion of Judah| Jeremiah Weeks – United States
An original illustration of the Rasta Lion of Judah using line, shape, hatching, and negative space. The lion is holding a guitar with a Rastafarian flag on the head of the guitar, wearing a crown. Drawn using the three colors of the Rastafarian flag (Red, Green, Yellow) and a warm black background.
083 | Reggae is You | Çağdaş İnci – Turkey
I was impressed with the Rastafari connected with the Roots Reggae. I used in Rastafari's regional colors such as black, red, yellow and green . I established a link between abstract approximation of human fingerprint with dreadlock hair done. Because shapes and details of fingerprints is completely personalized. Listen to music that is a factor in forming a person's character. Reggae music is a very special kind. Dreadlock hair is constituting Raggae's fingerprints. Because of I wrote "Reggae is you".
055 | Bob Marley | Mahmut Soyer – Turkey
This poster is inspired from Bob Marley legend who was a Jamaican reggae singer, song writer, musician and guitarist and who achieved international fame and acclaim.
025 | One love reggae | Ertan Toy – Turkey
This poster includes symbols of reggae that peace symbol, stars and lion. The inspiration of this poster comes from Bob Marley's knit hat that includes yellow,green and red colors. These colors have become symbols of reggae music. That's why I used that colors in may poster design. And knitted hats have been used by many reggae musicians, these hats have linked with reggae music in my mind. I tried to combine knitting hat technique and graphic art in this work.
018 | Drum Stick Highs and lows | Omer Cam – Turkey
Highs and lows of reggae are known as the basics of music. I tried to demonstrate these highs and lows of both the music's rythm and tne listener's mood emerged by a drum stick.
002 | Lion | Oktay Barkin – Turkey
"At the last scene of song after Singer has played the last note, he threw his hand and body together and also It express the lion which was created with negative and positive relation form."
082 | Roots rock reggae: dis a summer music | Kamenetsky Andrew – Russia
This poster is how I see reggae music: sunny, summerly, warm and bright. And this is how I see the poster for some summer reggae party. I made stylish illustration of Bob Marley in simple forms, perhaps it's look like some african ritual mask, what in this poster is symbol of authentic natural music.
061 | The man of the world, the music of world’s souls | Andrew Kamenetsky – Russia
This poster is about of one great musician and philosopher. I chose full-handmade collage style for my illustration. I used pieces from different news-papers, magazines and books. It is a metaphor not about of a multilateral personality of this man, but also about people from different parts of our world, who like his and his followers music and ideals. They all together here: in this incarnation. Also these the simplest and the cheapest illustration's materials rimind to us about poverty people of our world, for which this music is on of the best thing.
004 | Reggae the ocean | Daniel Shubin – Russia
Reggae rhythms not typical of my country, but I fell in love with this music. Listening to reggae I become calm and happy. I love reggae music, it fills me with energy. When singing Bob Marley, I understand that somewhere far from my home hear the surf of the Caribbean sea, is warm and the sun is always shining.
080 | The essence of reggae | Daniela Alvarado – Mexico
This poster has the purpose of showing the main elements that conform the reggae culture in an original way, a dreamcatcher; to show the kindness and brotherhood that reggae culture transmits from its particular characteristics, from which the serenity, joy and calm that reggae music transmits, originates.
077 | good vibes | Moises Romero – Mexico
Visualization of the music experience.
051 | The Music of Freedom 2 | Luis García – Mexico
The poster design is oriented toward power and influence that reggae has had in society, as a genre of struggle and liberation.
031 | Reggae, Rhythm of freedom | Ricardo Vázquez – Mexico
This poster talks about reggae, besides being one of the most known rhythms not only in Jamaica but the entire world, it is a rhythm akin with justice, freedom and the love for each other.
023 | Irie| Martin Navarro – Mexico
IRIE as a symbol of welfare, pleasant feeling of oneness with Jah, connection with our self, peace and freedom.
010 | Reggae all day | Octavio Lopez – Mexico
It is about the fun in reggae music, fun with the instruments fun with you and your friends.
005 | Freedom | Diego Parra – Mexico
Music played by instruments comes to us as an inner peace, making us feel free.
079 | From Dawn till Dawn | Stephanie Lindström – Finland
This poster is about legacy; the mark in society that the great reggae musicians have left behind, which continues to inspire new generation of musicians to this day.
078 | Reggae revival | Ronny francisco chuecas rodriguez – Peru
Reggae Revival is the name of the new generation of conscious reggae, this poster begins a series of reggae artists portrayed as superheroes.
040 | Tarrus Riley | Ronny Francisco Chuecas Rodriguez – Peru
Inspirada en la canción Superman de Tarrus Riley , mostrandolo como un super heroe.
039 | Music & Light | Fernando Arce – Peru
The music illuminates the hearts, freeing our imagination and more if you are disabled
076 | Peaceful Rasta Man | Georgios Chandrinos – Greece
Inspired by one of the best movies in the history of Reggae, Rockers. The theme of the poster is Leroy ''Horsemouth'' Wallace, the main actor of the movie, and his red Honda CB motorbike. My idea was to create an illustration with him and his motorbike, so my research was focused on finding pictures and scenes from the movie. I watched it many times again and again to find elements and specific angles that I wanted to include in to my design. It helped me a lot the fact I found some nice pictures online from the book of the movie, called Rockers Style. It was made on paper with markers and brushes and then edited and colored on Photoshop.
042 | Drop Legs | Eftychia Iliadou – Greece
Dancehall rhythm is being transmitted to human bodies freeing people from worries, indulging them in a spiritual, delirious dance. The surrounding environment is transforming into a colorful scenery which reminds of Africa’s pure art. Turn up the music and join them! Drop Legs!
027 | Roots Progress | Dimitris Chatzelas – Greece
The poster depicts the progress of roots reggae music as an ongoing process, from playing and recording to listening. Basic instruments can be seen such as percussion, strings, brass instrument, vocals etc. and icons near them, symbolizing the sound of each one. All combined and designed in lines symbolizing the roots, not only as an expression but as a combination of all instruments and musicians as one.
014 | One Heart | Stelios Spanoudakis – Greece
"All the people should be equal. We all are the same. One heart. That was my thought of designing a Japanese girl with Rasta hairstyle."
075 | Legend | Sonia Hekmati – Iran
A humanitarian by the name of Bob Marley.
074 | Dub | Saeed Nasri – Iran
Use the volume rocker record as a symbol of electronic dub music with yellow, green, and red is shown.
057 | Hits of music | Seyed Abbas Mirqeisari – Iran
base on quote of bob marley"one good thing about music when hits you, you feel no pain"
021 | Peace with Reggae music | Reza Shokri – Iran
"In this grayish world Reggae music brings a colorful victory for human being. Victory and peace are the same things in the nature of Reggae music."
001 | Prism of Nature | Seyed Abbas Mirqeisari – Iran
Reggae music is sound of nature and myth old traditions.
073 | Reggae Everywhere | Fernando Benedictti – Uruguay
In this design I wanted to show that to the reggae music you prune carry around, it's like part of your life, wherever you go reggae is always with you.
072 | Reggae is Answer | 2manuals Waizi & twowara – Japan
A message of a reggae leads the world to peace.
011 | Vivian “Yabby You” Jackson | Naoya Arakawa – Japan
I&I love YABBY YOU Music. Music is Strong, but simple way. Respect, yabby you and all musicians.
071 | Galaxy of Reggae | Hana song – South Korea
"I picked the galaxy as my theme to express the feeling of reggae music. Whenever I hear the reggae music, I feel like I am the one of creature from galaxy. So, through my poster, I want people to feel same feeling."
069 | No Woman No Cry | Charles Okyere-Afoakwah – Ghana
This poster is a dedication to all the female reggae musicians who in way or the other have helped in making the genre prominent. One LOVE!!!!!
064 | The Kings Music | Charles Okyere – Afoakwah – Ghana
The king’s music poster is to enhance awareness of Reggae music and celebrate its positive impact on the world. The king’s music which is termed Reggae encompasses all the popular Jamaican musical genres including; Ska, Rocksteady, Roots Reggae, Dub, Dancehall and the unique Jamaican Sound system.
041 | Dennis Brown | Charles Okyere-Afoakwah – Ghana
Also known as "The Crown Prince of Reggae", Dennis Brown was one of the forefathers of reggae music especially loversrock. Through his good music influenced a whole generation of reggae musicians including Bob Marley.
033 | Dubvibes| Charles Okyere-Afoakwah – Ghana
This poster represents the genre dub. It highlights the instrumental remixes of existing records, manipulating and reshaping it, to emphasize parts of it to bring out what we call “RIDDIM”.
008 | Reggae Night | Charles Okyere-Afoakwah – Ghana
This poster captures the meaning of Jimmy Cliff’s song “Reggae Night” and how Reggae music brings relief and liberation from all the pressures of this world after a day’s work.
062 | Whale Swimming on the Wave of Sound | Réka Maróti – Hungary
The island of peace, sunshine, freedom and happyness which is growing from the wave of sound - the whale.
060 | Get up, Stand up | Alessandra Ravida – Ireland
The artwork aims at visually representing the sound of reggae music. The song “Get up, Stand up” was selected as it is widely popular and it is characterized by typical reggae structure and powerful lyrics. A stringent music to image “translation” method was specifically devised. Music sheets for guitar, piano, drums, voice and bass guitar were acquired and translated into shapes and colors. Each instrument was attributed a color: the prominent bass line was depicted in red; drums were depicted in light orange/yellow to represent to intense percussive rhythms in the song. The scratchy off beat guitar sound was depicted in fuchsia, while neutral tones of green and blue were attributed to the sounds of piano and voice, respectively. Within each color individual notes are represented by different tones, while the value of each note was represented by the size of the shape. The main grid structure of the artwork is reminiscent of music sheet tabs. In order to recreate the rhythmic and uplifting tone of the sound, vibrant colors were selected. These are in stark contrast to the dark textured background representing the hardship of downtown Kingston. The size of the typography has been deliberately kept small to evocate the same experience as when listening to music. Paying attention to the lyrics requires higher level of engagement into the song. The viewer needs to step closer to the poster in order to read the lyrics, otherwise only the general tone of the song will be perceived through the colors...
059 | Songs of Freedom | Carlos E Gonzalez – Venezuela
"Redemption Song" by Bob Marley, was the principal inspiration for this design. With elements of the origin of Jamaican music and birds as a symbol of peace and freedom that complement the radius of harmony and expansion produced by reggae music.
016 | Reggae Peace | Carlo Cadenas – Venezuela
When we are in the presence of a feeling of serenity and calm it is because something helps us get there. That mood up the best intentions in people, express the true thoughts and helps the acceptance of a reality that inspires the best change. When we hear music, we do so for many reasons, because we like it, because we identified with it, because it interprets us and it helps us to know ourselves. Music has the ability to inspire us with their rhythms and launch us into a state of inner and outer joy. Reggae is the music of thoughts, the melody of the soul and the tune of words. Is the melody that inspires us to serenity, compassion, understanding and peace, because when we are in the presence of Reggae music, we are in true peace, we are feeling the Reggae Peace. Visually, the poster depicts a symbol of peace - the "White Dove" - ​​but this bird is not only a symbol of global peace but tries to be the bird of Reggae Peace. The bird was handcrafted, created with plasticine and the process of modeling took around 20 - 30 hours. The typography was specially design for this poster and its creation was inspired by the music notes.
058 | It sure feels good to me | Jennifer Lac – Germany
I used a quote by the famous Bob Marley and designed a hand lettering piece with some illustrations. I wanted to catch the cheerful and colorful atmosphere in Reggae. The truck stands for the rocky road and the flowers for the good feeling despite the circumstances you go through.
024 | King of The Music | Jaye Kang – Germany
There is a lion head in the center of the poster, which is composed of reggae music instruments. The poster unfolded as Pattern, this reflects the development and influence of Reggae music, more and more people are starting to know and love it.
054 | The Medal of Reggae Honor | Cj Loo – Singapore
The Medal of Reggae Honor, awarded for celebrating great Jamaican Music. Salute!
049 | Reggae Vibes | Priya Wijetunga – Sri Lanka
The poster gives way to an outburst of freedom and vibrancy associated with Jamaican Reggae music.
046 | Music Contributes to a Joyful Mind | Chen Hsiao-ying – Taiwan
Music is a dialogue between people, with music to spread happiness, to reach the road you want it.
036 | Hearts of Reggae | Lisa Bradbury – Australia
In this poster I have captured the literal image of the love for reggae coming from the heart.
013 | Jamaican audio source | Alejandro Molano – Australia
In the poster I'm depicting an audio plug to represent the Jamaican music that connects us; it spreads the love wherever it gets played. At the same time I found inspiration in a totem pole which has a similar shape as the audio plug. For me a totem is a symbol that brings people together that share similar beliefs. I like to create some ambiguity with my design where the viewer can find their own meaning.
034 | Sound waves | Job Pannan – Thailand
I used a image of Compressed and rarefied air particles of sound waves as the main dominant also I used color of Rastafarian flag to represent reggae music and below the illustration of Haile Selassie I hand sign, on the top left and bottom right are illustrations of left and right ear.
030 | De bess from JAM with love | Nataphat Archavarungson – Thailand
When I think about Jamaican music the first that comes is 'Ska' — the precursor to most of Jamaican sound system developments, with its significant characteristic of rhythm and beat which came from the best sound of 45 RPM 7-inch records done by high-ranking producers. Later, Ska had been spread to the UK and the US which influenced Mods, Punks, and Skinheads. then global. I very impressed with how these records had started the change of the world. Nowadays, Jamaican music has been the movements of love, peace, and unity. so I did an image of 7-inch gold records to interpret the valuable of its history with a traveling tag written 'The best from JAM with love', featured it with the unique dialect of Jamaica — "De bess from JAM with love"
019 | Old man | Daniela Stolarikova – Slovakia
In this poster i want to express how was created a reggae so i did an old jamaican man. In the past, reggae arises in the streets to entertain people. In this poster i tried to put some history, which appears until today. Beard is gradually changing to strings, showing musical instruments that are important part of reggae music. Technique how i did this poster i really like. Poster is digital painting.