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HELP JAMAICA Charity Calendar 2014

Once again the International Reggae Poster Contest proudly supports A German based NGO providing educational opportunities the underserved Cassava Piece community in Kingston, Jamaica. The selection of 12 beautiful posters from the 2013 contest will be sold at reggae events and online. This is our commitment to support Help Jamaica create their successful charity calendar that will help raise awareness and needed funds for the project.

Order one (or more) and support Help Jamaica directly with a donation by doing so…

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We wish to thanks all the winners of this years contest who contributed posters to the Help Jamaica charity calendar. Alison Hart from United States, Andrew Cachia from Malta, Antwain Clarke from Jamaica, Balazs Pakozdi from United Kingdom, Elisa Baldissera from Italy, François Niocel from France, Marina Mueller from Switzerland, Michelle Chung from Panama, Miguel Cachia from Malta, Olena Staranchuk from Ukraine, and Rohan Mitchell from Jamaica.

The calendar is becoming very hot item in Europe and globally.


About Help Jamaica

The non-profit organization HELP Jamaica! (registered 2008 in Berlin) establishes and supports independent educational institutions in the poorest areas of Jamaica. This provides primarily children and young people with free access to books, learning materials and computers under the guidance of trained personnel.

HELP Jamaica! Education Center
In February 2011 we opened our first HELP Jamaica! Education Center in Cassava Piece, Kingston 8. The Center is enjoying a great popularity not only in Cassava Piece but also the surrounding communities. We offer guided homework assistance daily, the caring staff and volunteers read out stories to the tiny tots and older kids and youths get support in reading, writing, spelling and math. Kids can come by to just draw or play games, we have ring games and sports outside daily and offer a drama group, art- as well as hand-craft  courses. In the early evening hours we offer computer-, english, social studies and math courses for different age groups on a regular basis.
All our offers are free of costs and optional.

Aims and Realizations
Our aim is to help the youths to find ways out of the vicious cycle of unemployment, frustration, drugs and violence, which are a feature of everyday life of so many people in Jamaica.
The course program aims to promote creativity, talent, tolerance and development of the children and to help strengthen their self-confidence. Created primarily for children and young people, but are also open to the whole community and aspire to involve all generations to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and improve the relations between young and old
We aim to establish further libraries and educational institutions in other needy areas of Jamaica.


HELP Jamaica! e.V.
Liegnitzer Str. 41
10999 Berlin

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