Posters Contributed by Jury Panel and Friends

The following posters will be contributed to the First International Reggae Poster Contest 2012, along with other contributions that will come from the Jury members and friends. We will use these to raise funds for Alpha Boys’ School after the contest. 100% of the funds raised from the auction will be offered to help support the Alpha Boys’ School (founded in 1880’s) in Kingston, Jamaica. Without Alpha Boys school all this music we are celebrating might not have materialize, Reggae music may not have existed. The Catholic run school for troubled boys need whatever help they can get. They are always short of resources and funds to continue this amazing program, the nuns and music teachers who operate the school would be quite grateful for our support. The school has produced some of the great jamaican musicians who have left their mark on the music and the world.


Michael Thompson (founder) (Jamaica)



Maria Papaefstathiou (co-founder) (Greece)


maria   maria2   maria


Andrew Lewis (Canada)


Ben Hito (France)

Ben Hito


Charis Tsevis (Greece)

Charis   Charis-sample   Charis-sample2   Charis-sample3

Charis-sample4   Charis-sample5


Dane Thompson (USA)



Ellen G aka My Lord (Israel)

Elen    Elen2


Elmer Sosa (Mexico)

maria   Elmer


Luba Lukova (USA)


Fabian Carreras (Argentina)


Frank Arbelo (Cuba)

Frank Arbelo   Frank Arbelo   Frank Arbelo


Headley Audrey (Jamaica)



John Moore (Venezuela)




Jos Vergauwe (Belgium)



Juan Carlos Darias (Venezuela)

Juan   Juan   Juan


Kathiana Cardona (Venezuela)

Kathiana 2012        

REGGAE POSTER CONTEST 1 2013 Kathiana Cardona    REGGAE POSTER CONTEST 1 2013 Kathiana Cardona   REGGAE POSTER CONTEST 2012 Kathiana Cardona


Lizzy Brown (photography) (UK) Maria Papaefstathiou (art direction)



Richard Doubleday (USA)



Roy Villalobos (USA)



Saleh Zanganeh (Iran)

I-Love-Reggae-By-Saleh-Zanganeh   saleh


Sergio Olivotti (Italy)


Susana Machicao Pacheco (Bolivia)



Tomoko Miyagawa (Japan)

tomoko    Tomoko-1    Tomoko-2


Yossi Lemel (Israel)



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