Rules & Regulations


Participation in the Third International Reggae Poster Contest 2014 constitutes your full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules and the decisions of Reggae Poster Contest 2013, which are final and binding. Winning is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein in a timely manner.

ENTRY PERIOD: The ENTRY PERIOD of the Thirs International Reggae Poster Contest 2014 begins on July 1st, 2014 and ends on October 1st, 2014.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CONTESTANT: You are only allowed to submit original unpublished works to the Reggae poster contest. Also, do NOT publish your submitted poster art on Facebook or other social media until after the winners are announced.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS & PROCESS: To enter, download and complete the submission form. You must include on the entry form your complete and accurate information, including your E-mail address, your name from your poster Entry or Entries, a description of the submitted poster Entry, and all other information requested. To qualify, your submission must confirm to the following specific Contest Rules:

  1. Each Entry must be an original unpublished work that you have created that does not include material in which a third party has intellectual property rights.
  2. The work should be created Poster size: 50cm x 70 cm only portrait oriented poster format.
  3. Each Entry must not, in the sole discretion of the Third International Reggae Poster Contest 2014, be obscene, indecent, offensive, violent, hateful, or libelous, or contain any other content otherwise inconsistent with the purposes of the Reggae Poster Contest 2013 as described in these Official Rules and related materials.
  4. IMPORTANT* Please design your poster at 300 dpi (CMYK), at 50x70cm or greater BUT send it to us at 72 dpi (RGB) format, and JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg, or .jpe), EPS or PDF format. Orientation: Vertical Only.
  5. Do NOT publish your submitted poster art on Facebook or other social media until after the winners are announced.
  6. Please do not enter promotional or advertising poster in the contest, these will not be accepted.
  7. Please name all 3 submissions (poster, photo, submission form) with your first and last name.


Please fill out and upload the submission form along with your entry poster/s, and a short biography of mostly 250 words to: Submit Your Poster on JULY 1st.

1. A separate submission form: Must accompany each poster/s submitted, naming each submitted poster. All information should be completed in English along with a title and a brief description of the poster/s  you are submitting , and your biography, a minimum of   250 words.

2. Entry Poster/s: Entry posters should be submitted as a high res file at 50x70cm. Resolution: 72 dpi, Color Mode: CMYK, File Formats Accepted: JPEG, EPS or PDF

Artists/Designers are allowed to submit any number of original poster Entries, however, you may not submit the same entry more than once. Reggae Poster Contest 2012 reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to restrict participation in the Reggae Poster Contest 2012 to any person at any time for any reason and/or to disqualify any entry at any time for any reason.

JUDGING: Reggae Poster Contest 2014 competition poster entries are judged in two phases by two different international juries. The first phase is judged online by our pre-selection committee. The committee is made up of members of the design professionals around the world. They will select 400 posters to go forward to the final judging phase.

The final phase will be conducted by our jury of 10 leading design professionals from around the world. They will convene to select 100 posters that will be published in the “World-A-Reggae, International Reggae Poster Contest, 2014-2015” catalogue and exhibited around the world.

From the 100 best posters they will select the 10 posters that will be entered into the permanent collection of museums and design institutions internationally. The final 3 will be the winners.

We will also include these 10 posters in the proposed Reggae Hall of Fame museum in the future.

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  1. nicky sanchez says:

    I would like to inquire wether non-digital format is accepted i.e. painting or illustration, etc etc…

    thanks and hoping for your quick reply.

  2. refref berna says:

    Have your logo or text be used poster ?

  3. Dariusz says:

    Whether on the poster some text must be, or a graphics can be without the text?

  4. Anna Pontes says:


    I just have one doubt:
    Does your logo have to be included on the design?
    Is yes, can you please send me a .ai or .png file?

    Anna P.

  5. amapola says:

    hello, is there a copyright problem with featuring artists, or song lyrics of reggae musicians on the poster? x

  6. Marishka-Kaye Massey says:

    Can you include old personal photographs or take some yourself?

    Also can you outsource a photographer and use those in the poster?

  7. poppy says:

    hello, would there be a copyright problem with submitting posters containing song lyrics?

  8. Gautam B says:

    When is the last date of submission of the poster?

  9. Bounthanh Inthavaly says:

    Hi there,

    I would like to get your logo design, could you please send it to me.

    Thank you so much.


  10. Anastasia says:


    is it possible to submit an entry in collaboration with another artist? I checked the submission form and there is only place for one participant’s personal details.

  11. Ann Lee says:

    how many peices of poster artwork can each person submit?

  12. Aaron Lam says:

    Hello,could you please send the logo to me.Thank you very much.

  13. Jessica says:

    where should i sent my design?

  14. Aries Balderama says:

    Hello…..could you please send the logo to me.Thank you very much

  15. Whitney Igwe says:

    Hi, if I draw and paint my entries , can I scan it and convert it into one of the formats such as JPEG ?

  16. Kellie Ampo says:

    Hi,would there be copyright issues if you illustrate an already existing photograph in your own style or better still redraw(pencil or other media illustration) an existing photograph in your own style?

  17. Tomek says:

    hi , could i please get logo send to my email, thank you

  18. Alessio says:

    Hi, Excuse me i don’t understend if i have to fill the submission form digitally or i have to print, fill an scanner it.
    And what i have to fill in the space : Name…….Password…..?
    Sorry for the question.
    Can you also please send me the logo?
    Thank you !

  19. ina says:

    i found your contest on the – website and there is asked for a 300dpi resolution ->

    “Each Entry must be submitted in size 50cm x 70cm, 300 dpi hi-res (CMYK) format suitable for reproduction, and JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg, or .jpe) or PDF format. Orientation: Vertical Only”

    on your site you call for a 72 dpi res

    wich one is at least demanded?

    thanks a lot!!!

  20. Jeremiyah says:

    Hello, please could you send me a jpeg file of your logo. Many thanks, J

  21. Domenico says:

    I participated last year, but I have a question to ask.
    I would like to know how to trim the poster. Example: my poster has colored borders. How much plenty should I give? Should I put the crop marks for trimming?
    Thank you for your attention and congratulations!

  22. Aligi Walter Febe says:

    do the voice “credits” requires a compulsory answer, even if i don’t have anyone to credit my design ?

    Many thanks

  23. Hi,

    first of all, congratulations on this great and generous project.

    Does it make sense to leave some blank space on the poster for further insertion of logos, sponsors, etc… or is it not necessary?


  24. amir says:

    I don’t receive “Thank You” email!! I submit my poster 3 time!
    just one day left :(

  25. Christopher Lee says:

    Hello,I want to know will all of the selected authors receive diplomas?Thanks.

  26. Viki P says:

    I am a high school art teacher. Can my students enter this contest? Thank you.

  27. Kellie Ampo says:

    Hi once again, I tried uploading my photograph, poster and submission form unto your submission page but i get a “problem loading page” always and also when i fill the form in adobe acrobat and hit submit i am told there are empty slots i have to fill out which i have filled.
    Lastly what should be the size of the photograph in terms of megabytes.

    Please help me submit my poster I’m really having difficulties
    Really appreciate your help.

  28. emin sansarcı says:

    does the biography have to be 250 words???

  29. Alessia Longo says:

    Could I leave these blank? (→Reggae Music Category:□Ska□Roots Reggae□Rocksteady□Dub□Dancehall□Sound System□General)
    Thank you.

  30. ana p says:

    Could you please send me the logo

  31. ana p says:

    Sorry again, where do we submit the biography?

  32. EY says:

    What is the cut off time to submit on April 21? Please also specify which time zone?

  33. Vidit says:

    I have difficulty filling in and uploading the submission form. It refuses to upload it. It keeps showing me a message that I have left some field blank whereas that is not the case. Kindly help!

    • I do not know what the problem might be. Have you sign at the end? Maybe it is a line in the bio section or something our mind can’t think that time. If you believe all have been filled, then just add a letter to any empty line. :-) Maybe this will solve the problem. Let us know it worked. Thanks

  34. Kanak Saha says:

    hi, how shall we know about the first phase or final judgements?
    will you send an email to us if selected in first or final phase, or we can simply see it in this site?

  35. Mavis Brown says:

    I have been trying to upload my submission form for the past 3hours. The latter part where there is “submitted and agreed by’ is unfortunately not responding when i click on the space to be typed whereas all the other blank pages were filled without difficulty.HELP PLS!!!

  36. Mavis Brown says:

    Hello, For the past hours i have been trying to finish off my submission form and submit but the last box on the page doesnt allow me to fill in anytime i click to type, however all the other spaces are filled.Please help . thank you

    • I do not know what the problem might be. Have you sign at the end? Maybe it is a line in the bio section or something our mind can’t think that time. If you believe all have been filled, then just add a letter to any empty line. :-) Maybe this will solve the problem. Let us know it worked. Thanks

  37. Kellie Ampo says:

    I wanted to find out when the results of the second reggae poster contest will be announced.

  38. Gilberto de Oliveira says:

    Hello! I noticed that some people asked something about the inscription of works done manually as painting and illustration! You can make them and then photograph or scan to send?

    • Hello Gilberto. Yes, as long as it is a high resolution scan, you can scan and send. Please do not forget it is a Poster competition. So illustrations or paintings must have the form of a poster.

      July 1st, 2014 to October 1st, 2014.

      Thank you!

  39. Ldona Berisha says:

    Hi, I have one question,
    When is the last date of submission of the poster?
    Did i pass it, or still have time ,

  40. Chan Mayor says:

    Why I can’t click the “submission form” link? (it doesn’t even appear as a link) with that I can’t download the form.

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