Message to the World | Russia

In this poster we can see a big megaphone that tryes to give our Planet and us a reggae music. This kind of a music is like a worldwide message (and the phrase in the work is about this). That’s why these images refer to the Universe. Megaphone’s colors represents a reggae music itself. The Planet has gone the same colors as these sounds make everything get into their mood.

Three Little Birds | United States

The goal for this poster design was to convey the easy-going sound of reggae music and the experience of sharing it. This is shown in the camaraderie of three musicians as they enjoy each other’s company and melody. This poster intends to show appreciation for reggae’s inclusivity as well as its depth and universal feeling of ease it fills all who listen, across the globe.

Listen Rasta | Mexico

Music travels, it travels trough air, trough headphones, into our ears, and sometimes, into our hearts. Rasta beads are a unique form of decorating our hair, ourselves, and as music travels trough our entire body, by vibrations, it even travels trough out our hair. For me, this poster represents that, music travels trough electronic devices but once it gets into our body, it also travels within ourselves.

ONE LOVE | United States

This atmospheric retro poster is another way I’m exploring the Reggae phenomenon. Here I deliberately worked towards a sort of an old vinyl cover you would find in a dusty old record store in a pile that nobody touched for ages. I wished to construct a visual which doesn’t look like it was made in Photoshop 2019, yet it was. Colors / textures / a self made font were all equally important parts of a challenge.