Word Sound & Power | Cyprus

The inspiration behind this poster comes from my love and admiration of the Jamaican Soundsystem and it’s massive influence around the world. The messages that a Soundsystem brings to the dance are not only the local issues but universal in nature, sometimes it can be musical, political, or spiritual. The dj as the word. The selector as the sound. The soundsystem as the power.

Reggae Pride | United States

This image comes from the idea that the rhythm of life comes from friends and family; and when that rhythm is harnessed for all to hear, then it is reggae. The lions’ pride represents the family whose auras exude the spirit of reggae, and the circle design is based off of the circle of fifths, representing music that is guided by and also guides our internal metronomes (heartbeat). The crown represents all music that holds the power to sway our mind and body. And finally: with that last statement in mind, the music notes are arranged to honor Bob Marley and the Wailers. They are the guitar’s notes for the introduction to Redemption Song. Bob Marley and the Wailers was not only my first glimpse at reggae music, but also one of the first inspirations for entering the world of music as a musician.

The Goldfather | Mexico

Graphic designer was born in the TOLUCA (Mex )City in (1992). Graduated from the University of Ixtlahuaca CUI, Currently work for a textile company where I am responsible of the separation of color for prints of silkscreen t-shirts.
I am 26 years old more than 10 introduced in Jamaican culture and music. I´m dedicated to play and work with images, illustracions, posters, animations, collages, photos, letters, etc.
Experienced in techniques as: serigraphy, pyrography and now digital illustration, etc.

Cute Reggae | Taiwan

Combine reggae elements with this theme , “Reggae music, Message From Jamaica to the world” Expresses a relaxed and lively feeling, symbolizing the reggae spirit, music, love, freedom and happiness. I also hope that this poster will make more young friends like the art and culture of reggae

Free To Fly | China

Reggae is more than just a way of life. It’s a force.It can make people feel free and happy, like the birds flying in the sky, everything in this world is limited, only music is infinite.When words cannot express our feelings, music helps us, in order to find the resonance of the heart, we feel the music with our hearts.