Jammin! | United States

In my design, I have depicted a dreadlocked woman with her hair covering her face, wearing a blue set of headphones, a red shirt with a heart, and gold charms in her hair. Above her head reads ” We’re Jammin!” in green and red, with golden music notes floating. Finally, she has pink lips and a white line across her neck showing the vibrations flowing through her from the music.

Reggae Sun | United States

This heartwarming atmospheric poster is another way I’m exploring the Reggae phenomenon. The backdrop is the beginning of 80s – me sitting in a sunny living room in my birth town Riga, being 3 years old, playing with the swedish cubes, retro music on the background. I’m happy! I love this design, brings me back to that moment.

Stir it up | China

The poster idea comes from Bob Marley’s”Stir it up”, a famous reggae song. Reggae music consists predominantly of instrumental remixes of existing recordings , just like stir and mix many materials together. Finally, the poster shows reggae music cozy vibes and makes us feel free at the same time.