Vibes of Reggae | Russia

«Let’s live in peace, throw weapons away, there is enough violence»— It is the message of Jamaica to the world. Reggae music is not only for fun. Reggae is lifestyle, which describe the point of view to our life: try to be happy no matter how, be patient, be opened to other people. We live for this unique world, not for destroying it.

Love and Prosperity | Australia

The brief asked for a poster design exploring how reggae and other Jamaican music impacted the world, and how it incited social and political change. Historically, reggae encompasses a notion of non-aggressive rebellion. Social and political injustices were called out and those being discriminated against could rally behind the music.

The poster employs a neo-expressionistic art style which captures the raw emotion of reggae, as well as the inherent authenticity. Neo expressionism also has a history of portraying themes of anti-establishment and protest. The loose depiction of Bob Marley acts as a figurehead for all of reggae. Marley was one of the most powerful individuals in the reggae scene, and played a part in bringing reggae and it’s message to the world. “Love and prosperity” was the phrase he used when uniting the two opposing UK political party leaders onstage. This is the truest example of reggae’s message and it’s power. Uniting people despite their differences. One love.

The Emblem of Jamaican Music | Japan

“The Emblem of Jamaican Music” was inspired by the idea to make a revolution, but without repeating any kinds of those darkest histories including wars, colonializations, or invasions, not like we used to in 18-19th century but with music, which saved our lands and our lives. Imitating an ancient emblem which has been used in aristocracies as a design reflects this simple and ironical wish.The symmetrical illustration under the crown on the emblem is the metaphor of the darkness and the lightness, “yin and yang” of the Chinese philosophy. On the left side, there are “yin” elements such as a slave, the broken heart of Jamaican people and the sound of battles. The right side describes “yang” elements which are the instruments, a herb and a joint as well as the sound of joy. The two sides are both reality and there’s no good or bad.

The creation of Reggae | Germany

“The creation of reggae” is a reinterpretation of the famous Michelangelo’s masterpiece “The creation of Adam”. Here, God’s character represents Jamaica giving Adam, in the role of the rest of the world or Europe to be more specific, Reggae music and its messages soon after He created it. Reggae is embodied by a 45″ record, an iconic piece of the reggae culture.
The two elements are also represent two different continents and cultures meeting and joining under the same flag, the reggae music flag.
The artistic choice in Pop style is made on purpose, to underline and stress the mix of traditions, knowledge, ideas, conventions and religious aspects that belong to the leading trends of a big community able to make different socio-cultural models meet.

Peace comes first! | China

The dove of peace builds a bird’s nest on the crown with musical symbols, which means that reggae music advocates peace, and peace is above all. Reggae music’s contribution to the world’s discourse on injustice, resistance, love and humanity shows that it also contains intelligence, society -Political, sensory and spiritual power. The basic social function of this music-as a tool of social criticism, a way of venting, a means of praising God-has never changed, and at the same time this music continues to speak for all people. ”
The core spirit of Reggae is happiness and freedom, get rid of all man-made suffering, and create a whole new world.
Peace comes first!

ONE LOVE | China

Designed with the combination of guitar head and lion king image of the main instrument of reggae music, the main color of Jamaica is the main color. To embody the core spirit of Reggae is happiness and freedom, to get rid of all man-made suffering and create a whole new world.
It is also in memory of Jamaican Bob Marley, the originator of reggae music. (One Love Peace Concert) concert, resolved a political storm and became a historic moment.
Reggae music also best embodies the spirit of Jamaica.
This music continues to sound just for all.