Reggae to the world | Finland

Lion with suitcase ready to spread Reggae music to the world. I decided to make simple poster with lion character, because regular lion character with red-yellow-green color palette has been used multiple times in contest. I got inspiration for this poster from japanese poster designs and children’s picture books. I wanted to achieve childlike and warm feeling. Poster has been made as paper cut art and modified with computer.

Rhythm of the Reggae | Finland

Rhythm of the Reggae consists lively abstract design and typography with a message “Reggae from Jamaica to the world with love”. Elements twine together with warm and vivid color scheme. Poster is made by using Adobe Illustrator.
Reggae was a whole new music genre for me and with my poster I wanted to describe and reflect what I hear in reggae and what learned about it through my design process. I wanted to transfer the rhythm, the movement and the warm feeling to the viewer through colors, design and typography.


AFRICAN POSTMAN (a message from Jamaica) is an original artwork specifically made for IRPC’20.
this poster is dedicated to Winston Rodney aka Burning Spear and the title, inspired by one of his famous tune,
is a tribute to him, one of the greatest authors who spread jamaican music and Jah message.

Reggae music | China

The characters wear costumes from reggae music and express themselves in their own way. The background USES reggae red, yellow and green to make the whole picture full of reggae music. The fonts were designed to show people, fat and thin, high and low, listening to the rhythm of reggae.