Uncage | Ireland

The narrative of this piece was to make a scene that was as uplifting and full of hope as possible, considering the very serious subject matter. Jamaica will always be a historically known country of freedom and liberation and so for this reason the narrative is one of this liberation. I wanted to include many elements that were directly related to Jamaican culture as visual metaphors for Jamaica itself and so the the national bird of Jamaica(Swallow-Tail Hummingbird) is used to be representative of the victims of trafficking. The Jamaican jungle, with its indigenous flowers are the Jamaican heart as they reach out, with extended arm-like vines pulling and breaking the cage open, taking the power away from the greyed out (shadowed) figures of oppression. Those without color. Without a soul.

The Guidance | Bangladesh

In this poster, the lion holding two children resembles both a protecting guardian and a guide who gives us the message to become concerned about fake people and human trafficking. The fox wearing a human face mask resembles the fake people and the shadow of the fox connotates the song “Shadow After Dark”. The dreadlocks hairstyle of this lion has symbolized the Reggae musicians as they are the “Messengers”. And the Rastafarian color scheme is used here to shake up Pan-Africanism in Africans’ hearts as the African counties are suffering more in this case.