Cage | China

The poster uses the English word “SELL” to form an isomorphism with the birdcage, which not only implies that the people locked inside have lost their freedom like the birds, but also conveys the idea that they are sold mercilessly.
The black background in the picture suggests the inner helplessness of “people” and their difficult situation in the dark at this time. The use of green for the cage is meant to convey the meaning of “SELL”, since Jamaican coins are mostly green; The use of white not only highlights the picture, but also conveys a hope that you can fly out of the cage and become an independent and free person.

Colored hearts are the victim of the devil | Iran

Women and children always encounter the risk of social harm. In the problem of human trafficking, these two creatures suffer the most. Children are gullible, their world is colorful. I wanted to show their colorful world in contrast with devil side of human. in the colored Hearts are the Victim of the Devil, I portrayed the issue of human trafficking (organ trafficking) through the lens of the harm done to innocent children.

Barbie sex doll | China

Traffickers around the world kidnap and trade women and children, use violence against them and hold them captive. These women and children are constantly traded, forced into prostitution and labor, causing great physical and mental persecution. They are like Barbie dolls in the hands of the buyer, who can only be manipulated and destroyed.

stop human trafficking | Greece

Human trafficking is the third largest crime industry in the world, behind drug dealing and arms trafficking, and is the fastest-growing activity of trans-national criminal organizations. My name is Petros Marzelos, born in Greece, I studied graphic design, sketching, and web design. I have participated in several poster competitions. The poster is a mix of illustration and pagination, the couple in the photo is from an article in “Independent” newspaper . (photographed by Sandra Hoyn)

Separation | Turkey

People of all ages are suddenly lost. Many issues could not be clarified. In this poster I wanted to talk about the kidnapping of refugee children. Some are sold by the organ mafia and others as slaves to pedophiles. They desperately need any steps to take in this regard. And this is one step.