At A Moment’s Notice | United States

For this design, I wanted to emphasize to the viewer that anyone can be abducted if they are not aware of their surroundings. So I decided the best way to depict that was to show the shadow of an individual being dragged away as the main body continues to move forward. This is to insinuate that someone can be abducted at a moment’s notice. And utilizing a mix of traditional and digital mediums I was able to create a piece that is quite simple, and that I feel educates the viewers to stay safe and be cautious of sketchy areas.

Taken | United States

In my design, I putted together the different interpretations that would define our awareness of the global situation. The content of my art has always revolved around my current interests as I am commonly drawing fictional subjects out of an anime, manga, or a graphic novel. By combining the fictional subjects of shadows lurking within the background and an anime character struggling to free themselves from harm, it really weaves together the story to elucidate our awareness of the global situation.

Be careful | China

The issue of human trafficking seems to be far away from us but very close to us. Some of them are acquaintances committing crimes, and the seemingly kind surface, but in the dark there are pairs of eyes looking at us. The human eye and barcode are cleverly combined on the screen to highlight the theme of human trafficking. I want to warn everyone: beware of familiar “strangers”

Children are not for sex | Latvia

Children, who have been suffered from rape, in most cases don’t or can’t speak what has happened to them. They are afraid of the abuser, in fear that nobody cares or the shock is so large that they simply can’t think about that.
The poster from the children perspective asks to look at this issue. Start to care, be more aware and careful. It shows the action of a child when he is not afraid anymore and when he can finally tell the truth.

Children are not for sex | Latvia

One of the most terrible things about human trafficking is slavery. One of the worst slavery is slavery for sex. And one of the most unacceptable things is that children are also used for sexual pleasure in slavery.
The poster shows this terrible image and says to the viewer what is happening to children. Two main composition elements show this dark relationship between the buying and the pleasure and where it goes.

The Evil Deal | China

In the world, the number of trafficked people is increasing year by year, of which adult women account for the majority. Human traffickers exploit them to obtain high profits. When they have no use value, they also sell their organs. Among the criminals, we are all commodities.