Trust No Shadows After Dark | Australia

Our design represents the vulnerability and exploitation of women and young children within human trafficking. In our design the strange hand grabbing the girl is used to show the power and aggressive nature of criminals involved in human trafficking. The grunge/ hand-drawn style of our artwork was intentionally created as a way to evoke an emotional response from viewers of the poster.

Fragile | Macedonia

The process had one unique premise that- We cannot oppose any process or event if we do not first become aware of it or illuminate it, so I have tried to do something that will explicitly give an indication of the fragility of human nature. Аt the same time, I have tried to show the painful process of survival the claws in which the victims of human trafficking falls…

68-HELLp | Algeria

This poster is a call to people who are in need and who become potential victims of human trafficking. Because in many cases the helping hand that promises you a better future turns out to be the one that extinguishes your dream and turns it into a waking nightmare, a real Hell.

Scan code | China

The poster depicts the victims struggling with the pain of human trafficking in the form of illustrations. The two-dimensional code is used to combine people’s painful state. The two-dimensional code represents transactions and transactions. I hope to interpret the two-dimensionality from a different perspective. The concept of code, hopes to call on society to save more trafficked people

You can see the man’s face, But can’t see his heart | China

The man with the rose flower in his hand thought he was an upright gentleman, a polite gentleman, but from his back reflects a wolf rushing toward you. Through visual art, he tells us not to be affected by external money or material. Temptation, don’t associate with strangers. You can see a man’s face but not his heart. At the same time resisting the use of force, coercion or other means to recruit, transport, transfer, receive and harbor individuals for exploitative purposes is serious Violating human rights and resisting human trafficking.

Stop Human Trafficking | United States

Human trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world with more than 40 million people living in slavery-like conditions throughout the world. It violates basic human rights.

In this poster, reaching out for help, a barcoded hand silhouette against orange background represents human slavery victims living in precarious and terrifying conditions. The cut on the barcode and hand states the theme of this design—Stop Human Trafficking, which would liberate millions of exploited victims. Not only do the flying birds symbolize freedom, but their upward motion indicates the notion of hope.