Human Not For Sale | Indonesia

Humans are not goods for sale. They are living and living creatures of God. They were created as noble and glorified beings. Don’t because you’re rich, you can buy anything including someone’s life. Reject all things that can trap you into a dark zone, and lead to a bright life. No figure can guarantee a person’s price to buy. Get lost, bad guy, don’t disturb the living man.

Caged | Bangladesh

In my poster, I desired to paint how the shackles of human trafficking are caging innocent souls. I attempted to paint them via a flying eagle, the symbol of freedom. The eagle is fading which is representing the gradual loss of their existence because of this torment.

Lost Childhood | Bangladesh

The act of human trafficking violates the fundamental human rights that an individual possesses by robbing victims of their home, culture and childhood moving them to unknown land and putting them through abuse and trauma. Children who were supposed to grow up playing with friends and engaging in their native culture are robbed of any such opportunity.So we have to strive to raise awareness among those who are vulnerable in order to minimize the cases of human trafficking.