Caged | Bangladesh

In my poster, I desired to paint how the shackles of human trafficking are caging innocent souls. I attempted to paint them via a flying eagle, the symbol of freedom. The eagle is fading which is representing the gradual loss of their existence because of this torment.

Lost Childhood | Bangladesh

The act of human trafficking violates the fundamental human rights that an individual possesses by robbing victims of their home, culture and childhood moving them to unknown land and putting them through abuse and trauma. Children who were supposed to grow up playing with friends and engaging in their native culture are robbed of any such opportunity.So we have to strive to raise awareness among those who are vulnerable in order to minimize the cases of human trafficking.


This art represents – An inspirational vibes can motivate all and fight as a team and provide an extra boost of emotion that might need to finish the war of selling successfully…There is a fighter in each human being– and it’s fighting spirit which is ultimately going to save and give life to others. With courage and determination expressed in a willingness to fight or struggle in togetherness make a way robust and strong-minded.


This Art describes -Look at how a single candle can both challenge and eliminate the darkness. Though self-determination one can be a positive and powerful motivator, continuing to feel determined can be miraculous complex when we come across hurdles and problems but one should not be judged by the number of times one fail, but by the number of times one tried and the number of times one succeed …..and keep trying. If one is going through hell, keep going. Fall five times, stand up six, and this six stand is the longest jump ever. An unshakeable determination can attain almost anything. With continuous, unfailing, and unbreakable cracks in stamina and courage resolution will win one day.