Shadow | China

My poster depicts a guitar and its shadow. The guitar looks like falling down in the poster. My idea is that, the guitar represents the victims of human trafficking. The shadow represents the trauma and harm human trafficking brings to people. Human trafficking traumatize those victims, making them live in trauma and harm.

Prison | China

The poster depicts a broken guitar and a lion’s face behind the strings. The guitar and the lion represent the victims of human trafficking. Just like the guitar, victims’ lives are broken. Like the lion, victims of human trafficking are imprisoned. Victims are also angry. Red conveys anger. Besides, red also represents blood, which indicates that victims are harmed by human trafficking.


The running girl is chased by the snake. The snake represents the human trafficking organization. The weak girl tries her best to run to get rid of the human trafficking organization. Through this poster, we call on the world to help these children who are getting rid of human trafficking organizations and stop human trafficking.