Another life gets stolen | United States

In the poster , we can see the quote “Another life stolen” creating a falling effect as it moves down to the botton of the poster. Where there is a bird who has lost it’s freedom due to how the wings and feathers are falling apart.Futhermore we can see on the top of the poster birds who have lost their freedom as well and falling.Thus, conveying the loss of freedom.

Cave | United States

The main concept is there is hope with stopping human trafficking. This poster center
with the beam of hope that come from the top. The flower is called Eranthis and it represent
hope. Cave environment withlight beam coming from the top also represent the limited
amounts of human traifficking activity that are identified. The grass also give a sense how
little of the whole picture of human traifficking activity. The cave could expand further out
of the poster and we do not know how big the cave is.

Human Life Doesn’t Fit In The Box | Turkey

Every person has the right to a peaceful life. Unfortunately, the number of people who do not have the means to hold on to life in different geographies of the world, who have to go to other countries illegally, either of their own will or by force, is increasing. According to the United Nations report published in 2020, 50% of human trafficking is sexual exploitation. 67% of this rate is women and 25% is little girls. In addition, these migrations made by illegal methods are carried out in disregard of human life. In this poster work, it is expressed that human life is packaged like an inanimate object and abducted by non-humane methods and is supported with the slogan “Human life doesn’t fit in the box”.