Voiced Silence | United States

Human trafficking victims are stripped of their rights to speak up by being forced into obedient silence in an oppressive system. When those who weren’t given the choice to speak up, you chose to be silent. Your silence also creates a loud statement; don’t let your silence speak for you. Exert an effort to educate yourself, spread awareness, and report any suspicions in regards human with trafficking. A word, your voice, may save a life.

We Are Not For Sale | United States

The idea behind the drawing is a captured girl behind bars. At first glance, it looks like she’s just behind bars, but really, the bars are shaped to look like a barcode. In a spray paint-like font, is written, “WE ARE NOT FOR SALE”. The style of this poster is inspired by the work of the artist Banksy who bases his work on controversial topics. I used photoshop, illustrator, and a photo to make this piece.