The poster alludes to illegal human trafficking in order to draw public attention to this problem. The situation presented in the poster alludes to creating intoxicated people in suitcases for the purpose of selling them later. The poster can also be interpreted as a “garbage can”, i.e. the powerlessness of the victims towards their captors.

The Guidance | Bangladesh

In this poster, the lion holding two children resembles both a protecting guardian and a guide who gives us the message to become concerned about fake people and human trafficking. The fox wearing a human face mask resembles the fake people and the shadow of the fox connotates the song “Shadow After Dark”. The dreadlocks hairstyle of this lion has symbolized the Reggae musicians as they are the “Messengers”. And the Rastafarian color scheme is used here to shake up Pan-Africanism in Africans’ hearts as the African counties are suffering more in this case.

Humans. Not Dolls. | India

The poster consists of an illustration depicting humans as dolls, stripped off of their will power, forced to walk down a path of slavery and seen as mere objects to be used. All this, paired along with the bold ‘END THIS MODERN SLAVERY’ is meant to bring awareness regarding human trafficking to the public eye.

Scissors | China

Life is like a long, long line. When bad things happened in some poor people’s lives, I hope that a pair of scissors
appears in their lives to cut the line and stop the bad things hurting them. My painting shows that a devil claw chasing
a group of children and a woman with her baby, and a pair of giant scissors will end the human trafficking. The line
will have a new beginning.