A distant cry | China

The shadow after the darkness is hanging over the heart of every mother who is unfortunately trafficked. In the darkness, it seems that there are countless pairs of men’s hands coming to them. They feel desperate and struggle hard. They were forced to scream and cry for help. Only the tears and the distant cry were muffled in the silent night.

FRAGILE | United States

“FRAGILE” is an illustration that represents what is happening today! I created this illustration of this group of persons with barbed wire and during the process the word FRAGILE was on the top of my mind. Visually it gives a full contrast. For me it really communicate what is going on now. And It is a way of create awareness of this crisis.

STOP | Turkey

Today, human trafficking is a cruelty that should be ashamed of humanity. It is necessary to raise awareness about this persecution. While you are looking at this poster today, about 2 more people fell victim to human trafficking. Hope this poster will be a voice for all the victims whose lives have lived in captivity.