Open your eyes | Brazil

The concept of the poster was taken from the phrase “Soon as you blink another life ah get stolen” which belongs to the campaign’s music. The idea is to show the eye gradually closing at dusk which also comes down to the name of the song “Shadows after dark”, in the end the black line shows the end of a retired life that didn’t have time to recover, this would give an alert for everyone to be aware of this cause.

STOP | Turkey

Today, human trafficking is a cruelty that should be ashamed of humanity. It is necessary to raise awareness about this persecution. While you are looking at this poster today, about 2 more people fell victim to human trafficking. Hope this poster will be a voice for all the victims whose lives have lived in captivity.


A man who has been involved in human trafficking said that the dark truth seen in people’s eyes is only three percent of the field of human trafficking. What this poster wants to express is that there is a huge demon behind human trafficking, which is invisible to people’s eyes.