Mixed Drink | United States

I chose to design a poster centered around the concept of Date rape. I wanted to be able to help people understand how often this method is used to abduct women. Women are now constantly afraid of people spiking their drink, and it shows that this is a major problem that is still going on. I chose to hide the different pills in the outline of the peel on the end of the drink. I only used an outline of the drink to drive focus to the pills, as well as the statistic that accompanies the visual.

Child Soldier | Israel

Millions of children around the world are happily playing war games with cheap plastic toys, manufactured in a mass prodcution process.
In my work I have chosen to present a toy soldier, taken from a popular and innocent children game.
This toy soldier represent thousands of children which are serving as soldiers in armed conflicts around the world.
“These boys and girls, some as young as 8 years old, serve in government forces and armed opposition groups” (Human Rights Watch.org).

S for Stop | China

Human Trafficking is a severe problem among the world. In this poster, S stand for stop and the money made from human trafficking. For the background, I use fingerprint mark to symbolize human and the road mark in the S shape above means to indicate the trafficking market build up on human. To complete the dollar sign and express the meaning for “Stop” in the same time, I put a red chain across the poster, meaning to stop the action of making money by human trafficking. Thus to convey an attitude by visualizing related elements for informing the audience how cruel human trafficking is, and that we should be aware of the harm of it and try to stop it step by step, in our way.

STOP | France

The image is the representation of a fence, a barrier to delimit spaces. In his forms the artist created a narrative sequence, using the repetition of the obstacle icon, to form a hand with the gesture that symbolizes freedom.