BUBBLE WRAP.jpg | United States

“Bubble Wrap” is a graphic representation of what is happening today! Is a sarcastic image of a shipping “object”. In this case that object is a Girl. For me it really communicate what is going on now. It is a way of create awareness of this crisis: Human Trafficking. It is extremely hard thinking of someone being trafficked to a complete different reality and part of the world, with no family or friends, with no rights and no freedom.

For sale | Portugal

The “For Sale” poster was designed with the intention of not only sensitize the public to the topic in question, using the phrase “About 24,9 million people globally are victims of forced labour”, but also to allude to the desvalorization and objectification of the human being.
The ilustration was inspired by the people who “dress” themselves with advertising posters, practically playing the role of a outdoor. That is, treating themselves as if they were an object, making themselves go through inhuman situatuions like adverse atmospheric situations and often underpaid for it.
The goal was to make the poster as minimalist as possible so that anyone, within the theme or not, could understand the message.

CUT IT OUT | Kenya

The goal of my poster is to communicate the urgency and vigilance needed to curb human trafficking. To this end, I used a visual and verbal play on the phrase “cut it out” as well as a minimalist design of a paper cut-out chain of girls with an odd figure looming at the end. The sinister figure almost blends into the poster’s background and this is a callback to the song “Shadows After Dark” as well as an allusion to the secret and vicious atrocity that is human trafficking for sexual exploitation.