Swaddling clothes | China

Everyone needs to be swaddled to protect his body. Everyone’s life is equal.lf you use deception to deprive others oftheir personal rights and engage in human trafficking, it is equivalent to blasphemy of life. No matter who it is, weshould take good care of our lives, protect ourselves and respect others’ lives.

BOUND | Belgium

With this poster I wanted to create awareness of the child labour part of human trafficking. Children are being lured away from their families and homes by tempting offers of money and stability. When the children arrive they only find relentless labour and poor working conditions. My poster tries to visualise the children who are bound to their labour (in this case a sewing machine in a sweatshop) and are unable to go to their families.

For sale | Portugal

The “For Sale” poster was designed with the intention of not only sensitize the public to the topic in question, using the phrase “About 24,9 million people globally are victims of forced labour”, but also to allude to the desvalorization and objectification of the human being.
The ilustration was inspired by the people who “dress” themselves with advertising posters, practically playing the role of a outdoor. That is, treating themselves as if they were an object, making themselves go through inhuman situatuions like adverse atmospheric situations and often underpaid for it.
The goal was to make the poster as minimalist as possible so that anyone, within the theme or not, could understand the message.

44-False Promises | United States

Human Trafficking is a cruel method of utilizing human lives for two common uses, sexual slavery, and forced labor. The recruiting, transporting, transferring, receiving and harboring of a person by force, coercion or other means for the purpose of exploitation are all gross violations of human rights. After researching the common methods of how individuals were trapped in this life style, the common word to pop up was “False Promises”. Everything on the outside looks appetizing and nice, but what hides underneath is a cruel and harmful consequence for the poor individuals who have fallen victim to this trap.

Fished | Mexico

This poster has taken inspiration from the harmful processes within the fish industry to illustrate the devastating realities of human trafficking. Like the fish in the ocean, victims of human trafficking are forcefully taken out of their homes and environments in large quantities and then placed in unnatural and uncomfortable conditions to be sold. They go from being free individuals in their natural habitats to enslaved commercial products in a matter of days.

Shouting for freedom | Iran

In this poster, we see a girl chained to a banknote symbol and it has become like a prison for her and she is shouting and wants to free herself from this captivity, by doing this work, I wanted to show that most of these women are They have been exposed to human trafficking and they are being hit the hardest, and unfortunately We see that they look at them as commodities and put prices on women and girls It is our duty to stop them and inform the people of this harm.

STOP | France

The image is the representation of a fence, a barrier to delimit spaces. In his forms the artist created a narrative sequence, using the repetition of the obstacle icon, to form a hand with the gesture that symbolizes freedom.