Terminal Signs | Brazil

The poster depicts a bunch of airport terminal signs in their usual manner. The only difference is that instead of pointing directions to places in the airport, the 2 lower ones depict the direction that the unaware victim is heading after passing through customs: captivity and forced labour. The slogan at the end warns the viewer to “look at the signs” which means not only to look at possible signs of human trafficking, but the literal act of looking at the airport signs.

Light_and_darkness | Japan

[Art director:Yasutaka Kimura, Designer:Ryosuke Kaneda]
A work that expresses the appearance of a child who is kidnapped by a family and sold to the dark world in the world of light and darkness, and conveys that the front world and the back society are two sides of the same coin and are the reality that exists right next to us. This poster serves as a clue to the ruthless reality of human trafficking, and we hope that many people will know the truth about human trafficking worldwide and raise their awareness so that a world where human trafficking will disappear as soon as possible will come. It was.

Message from the darkness | Japan

[Art director:Yasutaka Kimura, Designer:Ryosuke Kaneda]
Description: The truth behind the innocent girl’s smile was the appearance of a girl trapped in the dark world with a sad expression. A poster with a strong message that contrasts the girl’s smile and sadness in the world of light and dark, and appeals the problem of human trafficking straight to people’s hearts. I made it with the hope that it will be a trigger to rescue many children suffering from human trafficking and eliminate the damage caused by human trafficking.