Screaming | China

Human trafficking is both scary and damaging, which provoke two emotions: fear and anger. The illustration I created depicts a lion screaming. Screaming is a way to express fear and anger. And a lion is a powerful symbol. Even though the lion in the poster looks desperate, it is also powerful. It is a lion! I hope people around the world can stand out and resist human trafficking. If people scream and resist human trafficking, people are getting powerful.

In the sun, in the dark | China

In the sunshine of the city, in the invisible darkness, many ignorant children are abducted. Some of the abductors seem amiable, but in fact they are vicious. Some of them are sold to the mountains; some are forced to beg. They were forced to leave the warm harbor and separate from their parents. They were dragged from the sun to the dark, and then suffered from the pain they should not bear in the dark. They should have lived in the sun like other children and been protected by their families. For them, everything that they should have had seems to have become a delusion.

Salvation | United States

I wanted to do something that depicted both a visual and meaningful representation of reaching out and saving someone in need, so I took inspiration and reference from Michaelangelo’s “Creation of Adam.” I added cracks to the lower hand to give it a stone-like appearance to hint the inherent inescapability of the human trafficking epidemic.