Prisoners of the shadows | Malaysia

In the song they say trust no shadows, when I thought about this, it also can be said about the people who control the human trafficking corporation. So in my poster I wanted to convey that we know who the victims are and how they look, but who controls them are like shadows to us, as they remain usually uncaught and in the dark. Prisoners of shadows means we need to do better to find and spread awareness of who these shadows are so less people can be trapped. The overall blue theme represents blue collar workers as a lot of them come from forced labour and human trafficking .

Price Tag | China

Traffickers trade their victims as commodities,”uman trafficking is a human tragedy,When we are in a bright place, we should not forget that where there is light, there will be dark places. Some places are not paid attention to. Human traffickers put a price on living people.Traffickers trade their victims as commodities,May we never forget that their presence in the world, given the opportunity, will do our best.

Scream·Survive | China

In the black trade of human trafficking, countless people are shrouded in black. Merchants’ interests are paramount, money is paramount, and conscience is lost. Behind money is countless blood and lives. S stands for scream and also for survival. The two symbols of money The vertical also imprisons people like a cage