We Care | Spain

“We Care” is about the importance of caring. In the reggae culture the people is the main character, that’s why in the middle of the paint there are a finger print, the mark that remainds us that everyone is special and unique. The white bird, as a peace symbol, is going to the center of the print for take care of the humans. Also there are abstract lines wich represent the vibes that are created by the music and the reggae culture.

Do you want to….? | China

Both posters use only three simple colors to create a strong contrast. The poster uses three colors: black, red and blue. Black represents the dark business of human trafficking, which cannot see the light of day. Red means danger, we need to be alert, human trafficking may be happening all around us. Blue represents calmness. We should not sit on the side when we find people buying and selling. We should be brave and calm at the same time and take the right measures to stop it. The first one is when people are sold as goods, do you still want to buy? They all have different prices, but the end result is the same. It’s a warning against human trafficking. The second poster shows a hand holding out a candy and asking if you still want to eat it? Remind people, especially children, not to eat other people’s food.

15-Dont talk, Dont see | Iraq

I used the collage method in this work. From a group of artworks, several photos were extracted to create a new scene. There is a man whose features are hidden, and he wears strange clothes. He shields the eye of a young woman who cannot see her fate. At the same time, scissors cover the young woman’s mouth and prevent her from talking or screaming. At the back, a cat appears watching what is happening, but is afraid and cannot provide assistance as a metaphor for people or public opinion