stop it | China

Don’t break out in silence and perish in silence. The victims in the dark are mercilessly sealed, but we have to stand up for them and fight boldly against the invisible cages of human trafficking, even if they are all over the place.We must stop it!

Way home | China

Many families are victims of human trafficking and are forced to separate. Therefore, home has become their life of care for each other and pain, this life is looking for a way home. On the way home, there is despair, there is hope. Have fear, have courage. There is lost, there is search. There is death, there is survival. Even a ray of life must find a way home.

82-Snatched | Colombia

Snatched, it represents one of the strongest dramas linked to human trafficking, the destruction of families, human trafficking tears thousands of people from their families every year. The purpose of highlighting this drama is to represent the negative effects that human trafficking has, not only for who is a victim but also for those around