This poster has been designed to highlight and raise awareness on child trafficking for sexual abuse and exploitation. Candy is used instead of the zipper teeth to show the deception of children by strangers who abuse the simplicity of children and pull them towards themselves and trap them. The open zipper is used to demonstrate the child who is sexually being abused. The red color gender symbol indicates sexual exploitation or slavery and warns about it. The white background color represents the beautiful world and free of any danger in the child’s mind.
My name is Raziye Naghipoor from I.R. Iran. I am 32 years old. I was graduated from Naghshejahan, Isfahan non-governmental university with a BA in Graphics. My experience is mainly in designing logos for business companies.
I was honored that one of my posters namely GARBAGE EAT SHARKS was accepted in the International Triennial “The 4th Block” exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine.