The poster design titled “Tek Weh” was inspired by school girls that have been victims of human trafficking over the years. I have experienced the trauma of my friends losing their sister to human trafficking. In the poster design, I have used that story as a way of illustrating the feel and the reality of the event. The poster design depicts a sad little girl in her blue school uniform, with her bag pack in the middle of a black cage being carried by a hand holding a black rope. The black rope and the cage symbolized the dark and illegal activities being done. The dark gray background represents the feeling of the event taking place that overall surrounds fear and the trauma. I used a dark skin little girl with afro-textured hair to touch on the genuineness and innocence of the victim. The text “Another one ah get Tek Weh” is to direct the viewer to the action of what is happening. In relation to the song lyrics, of “Shadow after Dark” there is a part in it that said, “Another life ah get stolen,” in which I reformed to and say “Another One a Get Tek Weh” to emphasize the Jamaican patois so that it could be more relatable to Jamaican viewers.