International Reggae Poster Contest

Toward a Reggae Hall of Fame: Celebrating Great Jamaican Music.

The International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC) is an initiative designed to celebrate positive international reggae culture. The contest highlights the globalization of reggae and the resounding impact of its message. The contest was founded by Michael Thompson and Maria Papaefstathiou in 2011. The umbrella term “reggae,” as used by the organizers of the International Reggae Poster Contest, encompasses all the popular Jamaican musical genres: Ska, Rocksteady, Roots Reggae, Dub, Dancehall and the unique Jamaican Sound System.

The primary reason for organizing the poster contest is to construct an international platform to showcase a far-reaching vision: the erection of a world-class Reggae Hall of Fame museum and performance center in Kingston, Jamaica that celebrates the voice, vision and vocabulary of Jamaican popular music. The  ideal architect for this grand enterprise is Frank Gehry, a name synonymous with inspiring architectural design that stimulates urban transformation. The International Reggae Poster Contest  is the start of a global campaign that takes advantage of the powerful tools of social media and creative expressions through the medium of the visual arts.

The other important objective of the IRPC is to help raise awareness of the Alpha Boys’ School, a vocational institution for underprivileged youths, located in the heart of Kingston and founded in 1880 by the Sisters of Mercy.  This school is a great Jamaican success story,  producing some of the most notable legends in the history of Reggae, including Don Drummond of the Skatalites, the singer Desmond Dekker and Yellowman, one of Dancehall’s first superstars.  We think this remarkable institution should be celebrated and replicated. Without this fertile training ground, we might not have seen the flourishing of the global music we call Reggae.

In 2014, we made a special appeal to all our IRPC supporters and friends to continue their support for the historic Alpha Boy’s School, by spreading awareness and continuing to give to the school. The Alpha boys need your support: clothing, money, musical instruments, educational materials, whatever you can offer. Please visit the website and find out how to contribute and make a difference: www.alphaboysschool.org