Theft of infants and young children has a greater social hazard. The work takes this as a starting point for creativity, designing the entire picture as a wicked claw about to reach into the stroller, and changing the pair of rollers of the stroller into a pair of handcuffs, implying that the act of stealing infants and young children will inevitably be subject to law. The severe punishment.

“20xx” | China

With human traffickers using ever-changing methods and younger victims, more and more people are falling into the hands of human traffickers. “20xx” this work constitutes elements and the use of color has strong abstractness and characterization of sex, geometry is the secret of beauty and everything in the world can be used geometry to survey, it is the most simple the most concise, image design, at the same time, it is the most extensive and profound, connotation is rich, modelling is the most perfect design. The circles in the work represent trafficked people, while the rectangles form cages to guard trafficked people. The author hopes to use his work to raise awareness about human trafficking.