Taken | United States

In my design, I putted together the different interpretations that would define our awareness of the global situation. The content of my art has always revolved around my current interests as I am commonly drawing fictional subjects out of an anime, manga, or a graphic novel. By combining the fictional subjects of shadows lurking within the background and an anime character struggling to free themselves from harm, it really weaves together the story to elucidate our awareness of the global situation.

Stop Human Trafficking | China

The main idea is to call for “stop human trafficking”. According to the design idea of “please do not pick flowers”. As a design idea, the record is made into a flower shape and people are compared to flowers to call for people to stop human trafficking The head raised in the heart of the flower means to be strong and hopeful although hurt.

Trapped bodies, trapped dreams. | Turkey

In my design, I addressed the issue of child trafficking, which is a part of human trafficking. In the design, I tried to reflect the problem of employing these children as sex workers after the trade made through kidnapped children and young girls. The fact that children who are exposed to this evil are trapped in a body that does not belong to them and their despair is what I want to explain in this work. It was my main idea that these children who are employed as sex workers wait for their dreams and lives to be saved.

The Evil Deal | China

In the world, the number of trafficked people is increasing year by year, of which adult women account for the majority. Human traffickers exploit them to obtain high profits. When they have no use value, they also sell their organs. Among the criminals, we are all commodities.

hope | United States

The topic of human trafficking can be saddening and serious. This is something I did not want to neglect to portray, but I also wanted to show that there are solutions to this problem. The idea of “hope is what you bring” derives from the song Shadows After Dark, and I interpreted it as people having the ability to bring light to a dark situation. If people choose to reach out and help in any way they can, they can end up helping someone who is in need or those who might come face-to-face with this issue someday.

Be careful | China

The issue of human trafficking seems to be far away from us but very close to us. Some of them are acquaintances committing crimes, and the seemingly kind surface, but in the dark there are pairs of eyes looking at us. The human eye and barcode are cleverly combined on the screen to highlight the theme of human trafficking. I want to warn everyone: beware of familiar “strangers”