Caged | Bangladesh

In my poster, I desired to paint how the shackles of human trafficking are caging innocent souls. I attempted to paint them via a flying eagle, the symbol of freedom. The eagle is fading which is representing the gradual loss of their existence because of this torment.

Lost Childhood | Bangladesh

The act of human trafficking violates the fundamental human rights that an individual possesses by robbing victims of their home, culture and childhood moving them to unknown land and putting them through abuse and trauma. Children who were supposed to grow up playing with friends and engaging in their native culture are robbed of any such opportunity.So we have to strive to raise awareness among those who are vulnerable in order to minimize the cases of human trafficking.


This art represents “Hope in the Darkness and own soul is the light”.If one believes in the light, one will be in the light, don’t have to face the darkness. Just remember, a dark shadow needs light to survive but light doesn’t need darkness to be glowing. Hope is being able to see that there is light in spite of all of the darkness. Every moment of light and dark is a marvelous wonder. Harmful sins cannot and will not be demolished by related sins. Dark will only swamp dark and deepen. The good hope and the light from the tunnel are the sharp zealous weapons.


This art represents trafficking as the source to boost the family income. Families are being forced to commodify their most important asset their children by offer them money during their lower level of income and trafficked children across borders, nearby towns, and cities. According to some families “When the children work, we can eat. If the children stop working, we suffer and we sell.”And some excursions are more dangerous avenues for innocent children like hell– networks that are always there in search and find out the opportunity to seize during family crises.


This art represents – ‘LEGENDS NEVER DIE” Live by the sword, die by the sword for others. Slaves, slaves to anyone, slavery is theft-theft of life-soul-innocence. Slavery Evils when messed up with the An Angel, then her weapon is a double-edged sword. One side of the blade represents Truth and the other represents Karma.