Freedom Music | Finland

When I’m listening to reggae music all I can imagine is the shores of Caribbean and an ice-cold Red Stripe. Stress is gone in that kind of moments and I think that reggae is a great way to relieve some pressure in this hectic world. So in this poster design a vinyl record is bending the bars of Babylon and apparently getting free.

Brass | Finland

Brass instruments are an integral part of reggae. I drew the brazen tubes of the French horn with the flowing, organic feel of reggae music in mind. I also enjoyed the idea of reggae being a small yet bright glimpse of positivity in an otherwise rather dull world, which became the central idea behind my design.

Rhythm of the Reggae | Finland

Rhythm of the Reggae consists lively abstract design and typography with a message “Reggae from Jamaica to the world with love”. Elements twine together with warm and vivid color scheme. Poster is made by using Adobe Illustrator.
Reggae was a whole new music genre for me and with my poster I wanted to describe and reflect what I hear in reggae and what learned about it through my design process. I wanted to transfer the rhythm, the movement and the warm feeling to the viewer through colors, design and typography.