Reggae Pattern – Infinite diffusion | Italy

Reggae music is a real language able to convey emotions, energy and strong messages. I have represented its spread as a pattern with a precise internal, spiritual structure that can express and reproduce itself over and over. Different symbols can be identified within the pattern: the vinyl as the icon of music; the ancient symbol of the lion with its unfading roaring; love as the reggae rhythm tuned to the heartbeat, a sound which surrounds and inspires the world; finally the sun and its golden rays as symbol of strength and hope in the future.


In this poster, I tried to emphasize the power of reggae music by combining Bob Marley’s face with a lion as an icon. I used a circle in the bottom part of the poster which has reflected earth as an one world and 2 hand which show one heart. I preferred to select lighter colors along with the three colors of yellow, red and green to add more effect.