Reggae Music – Messages from Jamaica to the World | Colombia

During all the history of the Reggae music, The Jamaican culture has always been connected expressing messages of love, tranquility, and hope for everyone. Reggae has always been concerned about the problems that have affected society, and it is through its music that it delivers messages of hope, peace, happiness, harmony, positive attitude and love. With this design proposal, the objective is to demonstrate that philosophy. With the lyrics of a song of Bob Marley, the colors and instruments of Jamaican culture the Reggae can diffuse messages of love and peace but also protest with its different musical genres.

Reggae Messages | Italy

Reggae is a special music capable of spreading not only energy and vitality but also feelings of peace, justice and love. The combination of its rhythm and strong messages has made reggae popular all over the world and able to influence other musical genres. The picture tries to convey this idea through the gramophone that represents the Jamaican island, while the reggae music and its messages are spread by the “three little birds” saying “this is my message to you-ou-ou” as in the refrain of one the most popular Bob Marley’s song.