Music unites nations | Sri Lanka

The poster shows that reggae has united nations with music. Music builds friendship, peace and love without borders. The heart represents love to the music for the one world-one love quote. Flags represents the world and Jamaican culture is shown from palm trees and musical instruments. All the hearts of the world has united with love for the music.

Yellow | Turkey

Reggae is a music genre unique to Jamaica. Also known as Jamaican rock, this species has its origins in calypso, ska / rocksteady, rock’n roll, and even rythm and blues. She was born in Jamaica in the 1960s, inspired by ska and rocksteady music. Especially the roots reggae type is intertwined with rastafarianism and it is based on a philosophy … It contains themes such as belief, love, peace, poverty, inequality and displays an opposite stance. Reggae, which has gained popularity in the world since the 1970s, has gained worldwide fame thanks to the legendary artist Bob Marley. I tried to explain all this in my poster work …