Reggae: The Real King of Jamaican Music | Pakistan

Since its inception way back in 1968, Reggae is the widest known Jamaican music genre in the world. It deserves to be seen and revered by us for its colorful, vibrant, strengthening and versatile style. My poster, in the form of a playing card – the King card, is designed to depict all these concepts, and shows how various instruments are encompassed to form a singular harmony. The king card concept is also a nod to Kingston in Jamaica, where Reggae music was culturally born.

The dance of faith | Russia

We tried to convey to the audience all the power of music, the strength of the spirit of freedom, friendship and equality of reggae culture. Elena Leontyeva, hand-drawn on paper with the image of dancing people. Graphic designer Anna Bortnik made a digital design: a guitar as a symbol of the reggae musical direction framed by a bright substrate. Bob Marley: “I believe that racism, hatred and evil are healed by music.”

Living in the positive | France

This poster is directly inspired by the power of one of my favorite pieces of reggae made by a great reggae artist that I deeply love as a human and singer: Nasio Fontaine. This song symbolizes for me the best way of life to follow for the human being to envisage his life even in the difficult moments it is always necessary to see the positive in everything and especially to think positive to create a positive exchange with the world. As Nasio Fontaine said “Living in the positive cause i know love will conquer evil”. For me it’s not just a message in a song, it’s the truth for humanity.             Only reggae has this strength to educate people, to give them advice to be better in their lives and especially in their exchange with others. For me living in the positive is a mental awareness which everyone should be inspired by, it is a way of living, and a way of thanking and respecting life and giving love at all times. The smile on the face of Nasio on my work represent the positive vibes that we love, that we believe in, and that we wanted to share with every people.