Reggae Music in life | Taiwan

Reggae Music plays a big part in people’s life in Jamaica. D J Squeegee whose house only can fit a queen-size bed. He has a big dream. He wants to play Reggae Music to inspire people who travel to Jamaica and helping his community. Inside his house, the background posters show his interest from Mickey Mouse, dancehall girls, Bob Marley, 50 cents, Movado to his family photos.

Songs of Freedom | Argentina

Colors are the basis of my composition. I chose to create shapes from colored planes. These colors are what identify the culture, mysticism and brotherhood of Reggae.
Use the color yellow to represent the earth as a mother, as a livelihood of nature, which is embodied in the green planes; and red, the blood of humanity, not as much as spilled blood, but as a representation of life.
Incorporate those musical instruments that give reggae life and joy, what characterizes it and brings the winds of the Songs of Freedom.