for All Nations | Iran

Thanks in advance for holding the Reggae Festival.
Reggae’s music represents the sound of life, love, joy, tears, and blood. It’s not just about the voice of one particular nation or group, but the voice of all humans. In my poster entitled “Reggae for all nations’’, using the festival symbol that is a lion, and inspired by ancient Iranian winged lion I tried to draw the poster. The winged lion symbolizes courage and power and protects humans from evil, lies, and magic. In my work inspired by the rhythm of Reggae’s music, I drew this abstract design that is flowing and soulful just like Reggae. I believe Reggae music has the potential to bridge across nations and bring them closer together


In researching reggae music and Jamaica’s culture and with citing to the rich music and protest texts and poems or the movies were made in related to this subject such as the harder they come, we faced the importance of music and the concepts like, freedom, peace, resistance, revolution, courage, poverty, hope, and also we find out that music was born from the Jamaica’s culture and the governing conditions.
Due to the theme of this year’s competition (messages from Jamaica to the world) and the special significance of the message and it’s transmission to the world, in designing this poster used the text of songs by Bob Marley as one of the most prominent Reggae characters and these texts are mostly objectionable.
This poster like a letter containing all the words Bob Marley wanted to say to the world.
All of these poems and texts are designed on picture of Bob Marley, inviting the Viewer that sing with me or shout with me.
Another point in the design of this poster is the importance of some words like freedom, peace, courage, guitar, resistance and revolution that reggae appears from the letters of these words, and also refer to this subject that reggae was born from these concepts.

PULL UP WORLD! | Portugal

Reggae music from Jamaica to the world. Here, the well-known Jamaican expression “Pull up” is used, used in many genres of this musical style, requesting another round from the beginning of the song. In this metaphor the planet appears in constant “Pull up”, similar to the prosperity of reggae around the world, spinning on the Jamaican turntable. Associated with this graphic metaphor is a hand with a bracelet in the colors of reggae, as if the reggae had just started / finished turning to the world again.