REGGAE-Peace,freedom and love | China

The lion and green, gold and red are the original and the most classic visual symbols of reggae music. Bob Marley is the typical visual symbol that made reggae music popular in the world. The dove and green circle are common visual symbols representing world peace. The sun represents hope and the future.The vinyl record serves as background elements, commemorating the 60’s when reggae music was first recorded, remembered and spread. Reggae music brings a sense of divine rhythm and fusion, making people unable to help closing their eyes and following the music, so the overall tone is dark, but it gives off a colorful glow. The application of circle and triangle in the composition is also intended to reflect this feeling of rhythm, fusion and mystery.

Clap for Queens of Reggae | United States

My initial inspiration was sparked by Mikayla “Koffee” Simpson winning the 2020 Grammy Award for Best Reggae album, making her the first woman to take home that award since the category was added in 1985.

Koffee’s win comes at a time just as female reggae artists are rising in popularity internationally, bucking the trend of being overshadowed by their male counterparts.

Before designing this poster, I had very little knowledge about reggae music. During my research, I discovered so many talented women, like Etana, Queen Ifrica, Grace Jones, Rihanna, Lady Saw, Lila Ike, Shenseea, Sister Nancy, Jah9, Jane Macgizmo, and many others. I would put them all on my poster if I could.

Their music inspired me to create “Clap for Queens of Reggae,” a colorful homage to all female reggae artists. The goddess of music is at the center, wearing the traditional colors of Jamaica. She watches over the two women who represent traditional and modern reggae. They have come a long way, but there is still much work to do.

With this poster, I hope to send a message of awareness, hope, and inspiration while also celebrating the contributions that reggae music has brought to the world.