Peace and music | China

The lion, the dove symbolizing peace and the text elements of reggae music were integrated into the design of the poster of reggae music festival. Red, yellow and green, representing the colors of Jamaica, were used as the theme colors. The design showed the good times brought by music and peace and people’s longing for a better life.

A bond through music sharing | Thailand

No matter the genre, music takes a big role in bonding people all over the world together, music can express emotions and meaning that can be shared and make other understand the message that the artist is trying to convey easier, able to spread the message worldwide. That is what my illustration is about, Reggae music and its message are being shared to the world, creating a difference and, spreading love globally from people to people sharing music to their friends/ family/ public.

Live In Colors | Mexico

This is a poster made with love, starring my dog named Twiinky, which was very helpful to be able to transmit on the poster that you can enjoy this musical genre regardless of who you are, because reggae is expressed from the heart to which it opens to listen to it and enjoy it.

Stir it up | China

The poster idea comes from Bob Marley’s”Stir it up”, a famous reggae song. Reggae music consists predominantly of instrumental remixes of existing recordings , just like stir and mix many materials together. Finally, the poster shows reggae music cozy vibes and makes us feel free at the same time.