Roots Sessions | Australia

Roots Sessions is a collage of hand-painted elements on a digitally coloured background. The poster features Hempress Sativa, a powerful female voice in the modern Roots Reggae movement in Jamaica today. While bringing a modern message of empowerment and positivity to the world, Hempress Sativa pays tribute to the timeless foundations of Jamaican music that have transported themselves through generations to capture hearts across the globe. I’ve tried to capture that spirit with my poster portraying the elegantly powerful Sativa using her wit and creativity to transport her uniquely Jamaican messages to the world from her island home.

Always take the Reggae with You | United States

This heartwarming atmospheric poster is another way I’m exploring the Reggae phenomenon. Here I’m trying to marriage the two: the background and the BM illustration into ONE. The background was entirely constructed from scratch out of plurality of layers & textures into a reggae-like vibe. A handmade authentic 80s look was achieved to integrate it later into the heart of a main image, or rather the other way around. The type is used as an element(s) to support the balance/flow of a poster.

Michael Thompson Designs Special Poster

IRPC organizer Michael Thompson “FREESTYLEE” was invited to design a special poster by the organizing committee at Casa. The poster commemorate the event, and also celebrate the life and message of the legendary reggae icon. IRPC and Michael Thompson are delighted to participate in this cultural event at the most important cultural institution in Cuba. In…