Inhuman Chains | United States

The poster depicts a bloodied prisoner chain belonging to a victim, who is implied to be nearby but out of the frame. The blood from the victim is trickling to the middle of the poster, where the victim has written the words “stolen people, stolen dreams” in their blood. It is up to the viewer to decide the fate of the victim, and if they were dragged away from the scene. Similarly to many unfortunate victims of human trafficking, all that remains is the broken pieces to tell us their story.

50% | United States

Children make up roughly 50 percent of all people being trafficked. The white crowd shows the purity and peacefulness of life without trafficking. The two children in black are cut out or missing from the crowd, showing they are being trafficked. Without them, we humans can not be whole. We need to end trafficking to bring back the children and people being used and fill the void that their absence leaves behind.