A distant cry | China

The shadow after the darkness is hanging over the heart of every mother who is unfortunately trafficked. In the darkness, it seems that there are countless pairs of men’s hands coming to them. They feel desperate and struggle hard. They were forced to scream and cry for help. Only the tears and the distant cry were muffled in the silent night.

50% | United States

Children make up roughly 50 percent of all people being trafficked. The white crowd shows the purity and peacefulness of life without trafficking. The two children in black are cut out or missing from the crowd, showing they are being trafficked. Without them, we humans can not be whole. We need to end trafficking to bring back the children and people being used and fill the void that their absence leaves behind.

S for Stop | China

Human Trafficking is a severe problem among the world. In this poster, S stand for stop and the money made from human trafficking. For the background, I use fingerprint mark to symbolize human and the road mark in the S shape above means to indicate the trafficking market build up on human. To complete the dollar sign and express the meaning for “Stop” in the same time, I put a red chain across the poster, meaning to stop the action of making money by human trafficking. Thus to convey an attitude by visualizing related elements for informing the audience how cruel human trafficking is, and that we should be aware of the harm of it and try to stop it step by step, in our way.