No Trace | Jamaica

The design for the poster“No Trace” was inspired by current events that are happening in Jamaica. Since the beginning of the year 2021, there have been numerous females reported missing in various parishes without a clear trace. Human Trafficking is something that happens a lot in Jamaica, and most of the time females are the victims. I title the poster “No Trace” to emphasize the fact that the victim could be anywhere without a clear location point. My poster design acts as a call out to what is happing, using a strong voice and natural illustrative elements to identify the island of Jamaica. The phrase “ sooO Many Gone Without a Trace” was an adoption of the song lyrics given“Shadows After Dark.” This phrase contributed to the illustrative depiction of someone that is gone missing, leaving only a slipper of the victim in the middle of the road that is surrounded by natural elements. However, If you look closely you will see a sign that says“in your parish”. This was used to depict the parishes in Jamaica, which aims toward telling the viewers that this could happen in their parish as well and not just the popular parishes that are involved in human trafficking.

Gone | Jamaica

The poster design titled “Gone” was inspired by the given song “Shadows After Dark.” The words in the design act as an expression for the calling of action against human trafficking. From the type of the font to the highlight of the ‘Gone’ serves to emphasize the seriousness and the rugged feel the thought of another person is gone missing due to human trafficking. The poster design speaks to the general public to take human trafficking seriously before it ends up being one of their close family or person that they know. When a design speaks directly to the viewer, he or she is better able to relate and take action to the purpose. Persons hardly stop and read a text unless it is big and bold. The red colour that is in the word ‘gone’ not only highlights the seriousness but grabs the viewer’s attention. When a person looks at the poster design, the first thing they are going to see is the word gone. This leads the viewer question to themselves as to what or who is gone, which only leads the viewer to read the entire poster to know.

Man in the Dark | Jamaica

The poster design titled “Man in the Dark” was inspired by the song “Shadows after Dark.” It focuses on the danger of being alone at night or anywhere for that matter. However, within the poster, there is a man figure and a female figure that acts as shadows. The blue background colour help to represent the darks and also imitate the dark blue colour of the sky at night. The words at the back of the man figure jackets are the lyrics from the song “Shadows After Dar” which help to emphasize what is going on in the illustration. The reason for using black figures to symbolize danger, which contributes to the mood at the moment. The man figure was placed as the foreground to emphasize the power and strength he might have over the female figure. The poster design is in no way claiming that females are not responsible for the action of human trafficking too, but to rather capture the mood and scene of the event. The poster design illustrates to the viewers a message to be alert and careful at all times and to trust no stranger.

Tek Weh | Jamaica

The poster design titled “Tek Weh” was inspired by school girls that have been victims of human trafficking over the years. I have experienced the trauma of my friends losing their sister to human trafficking. In the poster design, I have used that story as a way of illustrating the feel and the reality of the event. The poster design depicts a sad little girl in her blue school uniform, with her bag pack in the middle of a black cage being carried by a hand holding a black rope. The black rope and the cage symbolized the dark and illegal activities being done. The dark gray background represents the feeling of the event taking place that overall surrounds fear and the trauma. I used a dark skin little girl with afro-textured hair to touch on the genuineness and innocence of the victim. The text “Another one ah get Tek Weh” is to direct the viewer to the action of what is happening. In relation to the song lyrics, of “Shadow after Dark” there is a part in it that said, “Another life ah get stolen,” in which I reformed to and say “Another One a Get Tek Weh” to emphasize the Jamaican patois so that it could be more relatable to Jamaican viewers.

No passport, no freedom. | Brazil

The poster depicts the passport of a human trafficking victim, with the normal passport data altered to fit his current condition. For instance, the date of issue is switched for the date the person went missing. Another detail is how the stamps on the lower page reflect the tragectory of the victim: leaving their home and thinking they’re getting to a dreamland, just to end up in a literal hell. Below there is an adapted phrase of a real human trafficking victim. The original phrase says: “at first they took my passport as a guarantee that i would pay them back, what i didn’t realize at the time is that they also took my freedom.”