Traficking | Belgium

In this design I want to tell about the difference between seeing something and what actual happens. In this case, we see a man whit a child but what you see is just a men with a kid. In reality the men has trafficked this girl into a suitcase to a country and use her for human trafficking.

No Trace | Jamaica

The design for the poster“No Trace” was inspired by current events that are happening in Jamaica. Since the beginning of the year 2021, there have been numerous females reported missing in various parishes without a clear trace. Human Trafficking is something that happens a lot in Jamaica, and most of the time females are the victims. I title the poster “No Trace” to emphasize the fact that the victim could be anywhere without a clear location point. My poster design acts as a call out to what is happing, using a strong voice and natural illustrative elements to identify the island of Jamaica. The phrase “ sooO Many Gone Without a Trace” was an adoption of the song lyrics given“Shadows After Dark.” This phrase contributed to the illustrative depiction of someone that is gone missing, leaving only a slipper of the victim in the middle of the road that is surrounded by natural elements. However, If you look closely you will see a sign that says“in your parish”. This was used to depict the parishes in Jamaica, which aims toward telling the viewers that this could happen in their parish as well and not just the popular parishes that are involved in human trafficking.

No passport, no freedom. | Brazil

The poster depicts the passport of a human trafficking victim, with the normal passport data altered to fit his current condition. For instance, the date of issue is switched for the date the person went missing. Another detail is how the stamps on the lower page reflect the tragectory of the victim: leaving their home and thinking they’re getting to a dreamland, just to end up in a literal hell. Below there is an adapted phrase of a real human trafficking victim. The original phrase says: “at first they took my passport as a guarantee that i would pay them back, what i didn’t realize at the time is that they also took my freedom.”